About EnformionProviding Extensive Resources for Background and Investigative Services

Providing Extensive Resources for Background and Investigative Services

Enformion is designed to meet the advanced data and research needs of business and government professionals. Our system is designed to allow for flexible inputs that search best of breed public and proprietary data, returning your results quickly. Our databases contain billions of records that will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. With our data sources, we will help you uncover valuable information regarding your target individuals and companies, helping you make valuable business decisions and finding your targets. The Enformion leadership has deep knowledge in the data and credit industries but It is not just about data. It is about how you link, hygiene and create an environment that allows technology to get the best out of the data you need.

  • Phone, Email and Physical Addresses–Our records contain thorough address history, email and current phone numbers for each subject. We also provide information on relatives and neighbors.
  • Criminal and Sex Offender Records–We provide criminal reports that contain records of documented arrests, warrants, bankruptcies, and Sex Offender Records.
  • Property Records–You can acquire assessor records for a property showing assessed value, tax records, address information, and structural features.
  • Professional Licenses–We provide information on a wide variety of Licenses including: pilot, medical, and many others within the professional sector.