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Enformion’s Deceased Records Scrubs

Collecting on debts that belonged to a deceased person is tricky. How does Enformion help you identify and separate those types of records from the rest?

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Deceased Records Scrubs

Right-party contacts can be hard to attain. More than likely, that’s just because the people you’re trying to contact are avoiding you and don’t want to pay their debts. However, what about when a debtor has passed away?

When you want to make sure you’re not pursuing debtors that have passed away in a traditional manner, a deceased records scrub can help you identify them right away. 

How can Enformion help perform a Deceased Records Scrub?

Segmenting your accounts first gives you the added edge to increase your collection dollars. The more you know about a customer upfront, the better. Enformion’s Deceased Records Scrub delivers the pertinent information you need, allowing you to decide how to move forward with collecting on a deceased account.

Our data delivery returns:

  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Individual’s full name
  • State and ZIP code of last residence
  • Address where the Social Security Administration sent the death benefit payment

Spending More Time Pursuing Collectible Debt

In some instances, debt may become uncollectible through traditional means. However, no matter how you have to handle it, pursuing debt belonging to a deceased person definitely requires more of a specialized approach and tact than pursuing other types of debt. Enformion helps you to be prepared for that.

  • Many collection agencies have different approaches when it comes to debt belonging to deceased people.
  • Enformion will help you find out which records belong to deceased people, so you can be prepared with a special strategy and personalized approach.

Staying Up-to-Date on Wills and Estates

In some instances, a person’s will or estate is needed to determine how a debt should be paid after that person passes away. That’s one of the reasons collecting on debt from deceased people can be so difficult; dealing with a will or estate may be more challenging than dealing with an individual.

  • It’s important that you learn more about those debts so you can understand who you’ll be dealing with.
  • When you use the deceased records scrub tools at Enformion, you can prepare for dealing with wills and estates.
  • Getting more information is important, whether you have a specific department to handle deceased records or you just want to give those records a few weeks or months before trying to collect.
  • Enformion gives you the tools you need to separate your client lists and make sure you’re tackling each client in the best possible way.

Cutting Down on Manual Work for Higher Profit Margins

Manual busywork can eat up a lot of your time, thereby reducing the amount of money your business makes per day and per hour. In the age of technology, there are lots of ways to automate that work. Using Enformion can cut down on that busywork, free people up for other endeavors, and make your business more profitable.

  • More automation makes it easier for you to process your workload.
  • When you use data alerting services through Enformion, you can determine when an account should be coded as deceased.
  • When you use secure automation options, you can more effectively process the work you need to do.
  • Whether you’re identifying deceased records, looking for bankruptcy records, or using batch processing to update all the data for a full list of clients, Enformion can help you increase profitability.



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