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Parking ticket collections can be a challenge, regardless of whether it’s for one-offs or regular offenders. Use Enformion to help improve enforcement.

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Improve Parking Ticket Collections with Enformion

Parking tickets are legal citations, something that can go on your record. Yet, some people just don’t seem to take them seriously. The reasons why don’t matter as much as the simple fact that many parking tickets go unpaid.

Could your parking services department use a boost to help with parking ticket collections? Enformion can assist in the execution of an efficient and streamlined process.

Locate the Biggest Offenders Fast

People with multiple unpaid parking tickets may feel themselves above the law in a way. But such hubris can only set them up for major disappointment when a bench warrant is issued or collections letters start to arrive. Of course, you need to be able to find these offenders in order to provide real deterrence. Enformion can help you find them, even if they really don’t want to be found.

  • Whether someone has one outstanding parking ticket or several, the total amount owed still needs to be paid.
  • Having current and accurate contact information makes notifying the right person fast and easy.
  • Knowing that they can be found can potentially help to deter frequent parking offenders.

Enable Collaboration Between Enforcing Parties

Different entities are responsible for different things in the parking citation process. First, parking enforcement officers note the infraction and write up the ticket. Then, there are those in the college parking services department who accept payment. Traffic court reps, motor registry agents, and so on. There are multiple agencies who may need to collaborate on a single parking ticket.

  • Having thorough information, and being able to share it with collaborating agencies, enables everyone to be on the same page.
  • Enformion has the technology that can enhance or even enable such an interdepartmental system.
  • With everyone working together smoothly throughout the process, parking tickets become much easier to enforce.

Make the Overall Collections Process More Efficient

With everything that parking services does on a day-to-day basis, there is just not enough time—and not enough resources—to spend on inefficient collections processes. To get the best return on unpaid parking tickets, you can rely on the comprehensive contact data and data delivery options offered by Enformion. Our technology can make the collections process much smoother.

  • For times when there are just a couple of unpaid tickets to address, you can quickly lookup contact information via our online web search.
  • Or you can process larger batches of data sets, to fill in and clean up contact lists with related data from Enformion.
  • Integrate Enformion into an existing system and continually enhance proprietary data via our customizable API solutions.

Keep Revenue from Getting Away

While the specific amount may fluctuate from year to year, the fact is that fines from parking tickets often go to fund important initiatives for the associated institution. From funding alternate transportation to improving roads, parking fines are important sources of revenue. So, it’s also important to do as much as is reasonably possible to bring that money in.

  • As much as they’re supposed to deter bad behavior, parking tickets also provide proceeds to support positive projects on or around the campus.
  • To maximize the amount of those proceeds, you want any necessary collections efforts to be highly efficient.
  • Enformion’s high-tech tools and quality data can give a collections team the efficiency it needs.



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