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Enformion API Solutions - Fast, Accurate, Customizable

API Solutions

Enformion API solutions allow you to integrate with most software systems for in-depth searches and display custom results using your own existing applications. Enformion utilizes standard XML / REST gateways with easy to use JSON responses for a quick and efficient integration without the need to re-design your infrastructure. This enables your developers to quickly integrate new features rather than spend time rewriting a site from scratch. They can simply add additional rich content and cutting-edge functionality with minimal effort.

With immediate access to billions of public records via API, your manual searches become a thing of the past. Your business becomes more efficient and effective with high volume search results.

Enformion can quickly set up your API solution and provide you with the training and support to begin accessing data through your very own Enformion API.

Enformion’s data available via API includes:

  • Person Search
  • Reverse Phone
  • Right Party Contact
  • Business Search
  • Criminal Search
  • Debt Searches
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Evictions
  • Foreclosures
  • Property Records
  • Professional Licenses

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Our Customers

Documents You’ll Need
Please have the following documents ready in digital format.
  • Government Issued ID(i.e. drivers license, passport)
  • Professional License
  • Business License
  • Address Verification (i.e. utility bill, lease)