Determine Corporate Risk with an Online Search

Informed decision making.

Extracting Insights From Mountains of Data

Corporations rely on Enformion to perform due diligence investigations and to assess and mitigate risk. Enformion’s proprietary data-linking algorithms scan and connect critical data results and complete background information to help you achieve your company’s specific risk management solution goals.

With Enformion’s comprehensive reports you can customize your data request to provide accurate and actionable results that are packed with public and proprietary records that your company depends on to protect against fraud, perform due diligence, identify potential risk indicators and verify individuals and their background. The information you need in order to make an informed decision.

With Enformion, confirm identities, check and verify State and Federal criminal records, and cross reference relationships between people and their relatives and associates, their business relationships, professional licenses and their assets as well as federal bankruptcy, lien and judgment filings.

Enformion offers cost effective pricing and packaging options that are customizable based on your requirements – from price packages for individual searches to comprehensive reports and batching options for high volume requests. Customized API integration can also be specifically designed for your company.

Enformion’s Continuous Monitoring service helps corporations identify risk early through real time and ongoing monitoring of employees, partners, consultants.

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