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Enformion for the Public Sector

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US Federal Government

Enformion gives federal government agencies an informational advantage, in order to achieve overall efficiency, security and cost savings.

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State Government

Get an edge from accurate data and lightning-fast technology. Enformion data enables state and local governments to achieve greater efficiency.

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Data solutions and analytics for government drive fact-based decision making, leading to better results.

Enformion’s data solutions and analytics drive fact-based decision-making with speed and accuracy for federal, state and local government agencies.

These solutions help entities in the public sector develop and maintain more effective relationships with the public, address growing fraud issues, reduce waste and abuse, and monitor insider threats. Our critical data supplies government agencies with information that enables them to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to the best use of public funds across channels.

Enformion is a leading aggregator of both commercial data and public records.

Leveraging our 6000+ data sources, we offer next generation data solutions through the combination of our web-based research application, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) data exchange, and application program interface (API) third-party application integration.

These processes allow those in the public sector to choose what data they want to receive and how they want to receive it, quickly and efficiently. This saves both time and money, allowing government agencies to get the results they need within a set budget.

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Speak with one of our Data Solution Experts for the Public Sector to see how we can customize a solution that's right for you.

Philippe de Raet
VP of Public Sector  |  (202) 492-1659  |  philippe.deraet@enformion.com
Scott Johnson
Director, Public Sector Services  |  (916) 250-2300  |  scott.johnson@enformion.com

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