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Continual Web Access to People Searches - Enformion

Powerful online access to billions of records instantly

Person Searches

Enformion delivers efficiency, security, best-in-breed, breadth, feature-rich, searches and reports. Enformion's powerful online system locates virtually any adult in the United States. The sleek and user friendly interface provides a one click view to a person’s profile, including names, aliases phones, emails, addresses, address history, mobile phone numbers, relatives and associate names.

Plus, preview results with just one click to view valuable and informative indicators into a person’s deep profile including: assets, property records, criminal history, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and more.

Run comprehensive background information on anyone - investigators enjoy the immediate view into a person’s comprehensive profile. With reduced effort, fewer clicks, fewer searches, you get to the results you need faster, more efficiently.

Search by name, phone number, address, ssn, and more. The flexible search interface allows users and investigators to query by a variety of entries.

Business searches

Organizations and Government entities use Enformion to research businesses as a tool to mitigate risk, fraud and further due diligence.

Uncover any unknowns about potential business partners and vendors. Business searches on Enformion includes U.S. Corporation data, FBN and FEIN, including bankruptcy, judgement and lien data. Business data is matched to the individual so researching a business, users are able to research who is behind a business or vendor.

Customizable reports and user interface

Enformion’s customizable reports allow users to save reports and requested output for ongoing ease of use. Accounts and security levels are set by a head security designate to give your organization ultimate security and control over access.

And, with Enformion, corporations and government can customize the view to a unique corporate look and feel and branding.

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Our Customers

Documents You’ll Need
Please have the following documents ready in digital format.
  • Government Issued ID(i.e. drivers license, passport)
  • Professional License
  • Business License
  • Address Verification (i.e. utility bill, lease)