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Investigations are an essential step toward meeting due diligence and compliance requirements. Enformion can help make investigations easier and more efficient.

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Enformion Services for Investigations and Due Diligence

Demonstrating due diligence is a main component of many compliance measures. And a main component of due diligence is performing thorough investigations. The term itself suggests time-consuming legwork and mind-numbing research. However, while certainly true in the past, it does not have to be that way now.

Investigations into a customer or vendor’s status do not have to be as tedious as they once were. The advent of online public records and databases like that at Enformion have made it much faster and more convenient to get the information you need to conduct investigations and meet due diligence requirements.

Uncover Assets

In order to provide the right financial services for a customer, you need to have a complete picture of their actual financial status. Moreover, you need to be able to confirm the assets a customer has claimed before moving forward with a transaction that is dependent on them. Enformion can supply you with the assets data you require.

  • A person’s current assets can help you determine their likelihood to pay back a loan or make timely payments on credit.
  • It can also help you decide the types of products or services that would be most appropriate.
  • Enformion can speed up your investigation by instantly revealing a person’s range of assets.

Locate Criminals

Stopping fraud is the primary goal of most compliance measures. To do that, you need to be able to identify and stop fraudsters. Enformion data includes instances of fraudulent activity a person may have engaged in in the past, as well as any other criminal records that could suggest the possibility of fraudulent acts to come.

  • Enformion data includes records covering nationwide criminal records, misdemeanor, OFAC, wants, warrants, arrest records + real time incarceration data.
  • These records can include straightforward instances of fraud, or other crimes that could raise your suspicions about future fraud.

Vet Customers and Vendors

With thorough vetting, you can confidently verify the person’s identity, as well as determine if their current circumstances make them an appropriate customer or vendor, or not.

  • Identity verification is another important aspect of your company’s due diligence process. With Enformion’s Identity Verification service, you can confirm PII as Enformion scores data points based on millions of records.

Get to the Facts You Need

Sometimes, too much information can be just as problematic as too little. You need to be able to sift through the data you have to get to just the points relevant to your needs. Without the right data solutions, we’re right back to tedious legwork. Fortunately, Enformion has the tools and data delivery options you need to get just the information you need.

  • Enformion can customize data results, allowing you to filter on just the points you need.
  • Easy access to such refined data ensures faster and more streamlined investigations.


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