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How Enformion Helps with Customer and Business Due Diligence

It seems like it should be straightforward. However, performing due diligence on individual customers and businesses can be complicated by things like having a common name or changing names, unknown business members, and more. 

When such complications arise, your due diligence process can slow to a crawl. In order to keep your due diligence moving forward quickly and effectively, regardless of complications, you need advanced tools to help. Enformion can provide you with those tools.

Know Who You’re Doing Business With

Performing your due diligence on individual customers and businesses is a common sense practice to protect your company’s and other customers’ interests. That being said, is it not always an easy task to perform due diligence quickly and thoroughly; often, you may be compelled to go one way or the other. With Enformion’s help, you can have speed and completeness.

  • When things become more complicated, Enformion can keep the due diligence process moving forward.
  • Even if a person’s name matches up with others or someone changed their name, we can get to the right individual quickly.
  • The same is true of situations where small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are involved and complicate the data even further.

Investigate Vendors

Due diligence for new and existing customers is obvious. However, you also need to be able to identify and vet others with whom you may do business. Vendors that you work with on specific projects, and especially those given any access to sensitive personal or financial information, need to be checked out just as carefully as any customer.

  • You need to verify that every entity you work with is legitimate and has the high reputation you require.
  • Enformion can help you get the data you need about a vendor and the individuals behind it.
  • We can get you all the basic information you need, as well as dig deeper into individuals’ backgrounds.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Crime compliance regulations exist to prevent fraud from occurring, whether due to customers, vendors or other associated businesses. To prove that such compliance is being met, your due diligence practices need to be formalized, and they must meet minimum levels of stringency. The identity verification and background data that Enformion has can help you meet your compliance requirements easily.

  • Making Enformion’s comprehensive data part of your due diligence process will make meeting your compliance requirements much simpler.
  • Our data and advanced tools and analytics do much of the heavy lifting for you.
  • The cleanliness of Enformion’s data means you can have full confidence in the results we provide.

Identify Opportunities

Beyond vetting the entities that are already in the fold, performing your due diligence can also alert you to other opportunities you might want to pursue. You can use the information you find from Enformion to research potential vendors or investment partners. Or you can use it to find high-quality clients, who could be in need of services just like yours.

  • While certainly important from a defensive standpoint, due diligence can also be an important tool to help you reach out to the right people and businesses.
  • Enformion data can help you identify the contacts, vendors, and clients with whom you could have the most highly beneficial relationships.
  • Performing due diligence can help you to protect yourself while also being proactive.



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