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When it comes to conducting investigations, it’s important to get to the facts as soon as possible. See how Enformion can help your company with more efficient fact-finding.

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Improve General Investigations with Enformion

For investigations to move forward, it helps to know where to go to find vital information. In the past, this could involve time-consuming legwork and research at multiple sources. But with the advent of online data, locating the relevant information now only takes a fraction of the time.

Not all online data sources are equal, of course. With decades in the Big Data industry, Enformion offers best-in-class data, delivery options, and analytical tools to help make your company’s general investigations go off without a hitch.

Access Data the Way You Need It

As important as it is to know where to go for data, for the sake of expediency, it’s also vital to only have to go to one place for that data. That’s where Enformion comes in. We have the comprehensive database you need to get the answers you need. Over the years, we have accumulated tens of billions of records from more than 6000 data sources, with more records being added all the time.

  • Enformion’s vast database is accessible in a variety of ways to meet your investigative teams’ needs.
  • Conduct a quick search via Enformion’s online web search platform, or bring our data into your system via API integration.
  • Keep your own data and records always complete and up-to-date with regular batch processing.

Get Facts Fast

Imagine starting with just one or two data points and getting to the full picture of a subject in mere seconds. Input just a name, SSN or birthdate, and our complex search algorithms do the rest to find the right person and associated data. Enformion’s data search is designed to keep things moving, with the results you need to complete an investigation returned lightning fast.

  • Too many investigations stall with delays in the information gathering stage.
  • With Enformion searches, you won’t waste time getting the facts you need to keep an investigation moving forward at full speed.
  • Results are returned in a well-organized way that make the facts you need easy to locate.

Analyze Data to Detect Patterns and Associations

Apart from the data itself, it can be invaluable to have the right technology and tools to analyze that data and help you get to conclusions quicker. The algorithms that Enformion uses to return results quickly are the same algorithms that can find and reveal relationships between seemingly disparate data sets, and make connections that may not be immediately obvious otherwise.

  • It’s not always easy to see how people or data points could be related.
  • Enformion’s search algorithms can detect and point out such hard-to-see connections.
  • As such, we do a large part of your investigative work for you, further speeding up your process.

Conduct Investigations Faster and More Efficiently

Thorough data. Advanced tools and delivery options to help you retrieve and analyze that data fast. Those are the things that can take an investigation from barely plodding along to completely solved. And those are the things that Enformion has available. By making Enformion data and tools part of your investigative process, it becomes more efficient and effective.

  • With access to good, thorough data, you can speed up your investigations and make them more accurate.
  • Use Enformion’s analytic tools to inform and enhance your own investigative instincts.
  • Streamlining the investigative process results in better experiences for both employees and customers.



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