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Getting new customers is one thing; holding onto existing customers is another. Find out how the tools at Enformion can help insurance companies to both acquire and retain clients.

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Enformion’s Acquisition and Retention Services

In order for a business to thrive, it needs to be able to gain new customers and then continue to appeal to existing customers. Some businesses focus on the former, but that’s really to their detriment; a business cannot succeed with new customers alone.

To make existing customers stay, they need to feel valued. That involves consistent communication and offering products that speak to them. With Enformion data and tools, you can maintain good communication and anticipate customer needs.

Offer Plans and Services Clients Want

To bring in new customers, you need to attract them with insurance plans and services that they need, at a price that appeals to them. You want to stand out from your competition. In order to do so, your product development team can benefit from understanding the needs of potential customers. Enformion data and analysis tools can help.

  • Our data captures important life events which, in turn, can be analyzed and interpreted on a demographic level.
  • Understanding client demographics can greatly inform product offerings that will be in demand.
  • Being able to access and interpret such data quickly can give you an edge over your competitors.

Help Clients Navigate Changes and Challenges

Over the course of a client’s policy lifecycle, there are bound to be a variety of life changes. Marriages, deaths, children, new jobs, and so forth will happen, and with them, change the scope of needed insurance coverage. A good insurer will be able to help their clients adapt to such changes and make them feel safe and secure.

  • Good and bad, clients are apt to go through several life changes. An insurer should be there to help their customer get through them.
  • When it comes to customer acquisition and retention, a helpful hand and sense of compassion goes a long way.
  • Enformion’s vital records data can keep insurers in the know about life changes in real time.

Anticipate Needs and Offer Options

Of course, part of helping a customer with their life changes involves being able to offer them products and services that will meet his or her changing circumstances. With continual access to Enformion data, you can anticipate a client’s life changes, and be ready with just the right product and service they need. Your business can adapt, and so take care of a customer each step of the way.

  • A client’s life changes can make them feel insecure, but you can give them the security they need, immediately and seamlessly.
  • You don’t have to wait for a client to reach out to you; you can proactively reach out to them with updated coverage options.
  • By adapting automatically, you can make insurance coverage one less thing for a customer to worry about.

Be Available and Stay in Touch

Finally, successful acquisition and retention of customers involves a certain level of availability on your part. Securing a new customer and then virtually disappearing does not instill confidence in a customer or make them feel valued. Showing an ongoing willingness to communicate is an important element in securing a customer for life.

  • Periodically reaching out shows your customers you’re available, and they aren’t adrift when it comes to their current or future insurance needs.
  • Enformion’s up-to-date contact data, available via batch processing or API, ensures you can always communicate with them.
  • You can always find them, as they can always get in touch with you.



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