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Enformion’s Home Insurance Solutions

The right information can help you to better protect homeowner assets, as well as your own. Being able to accurately and safely underwrite a home insurance policy involves much more than simply calculating the total value of a building and the things inside it. The background of the homeowner is just as important a factor.

Enformion can help those in the home insurance industry to obtain the information and insights they need to offer the right products for the right situations.

Get Property Insights

The property itself provides the basis for any accurate policy and premiums. It is essential for a home insurer to have all the facts about that property: when it was built, by whom, if any improvements have been made, etc. It is also useful to gain insights into the property location. Such information should be readily available as part of the public record. Enformion can give you access to all of that information.

  • Property records are available publicly, but all of a property’s records may not be all in one physical location.
  • With our large centralized database, we are able to aggregate all of the available records about a property together.
  • This enables you to access all the relevant information about a property, quickly and easily, with one search.

Determine Property Risk

If a house is in bad shape, is made out of flammable materials, or resides on a flood plain, you would rightly adjust your policy recommendations accordingly. In situations like that, the property is quite simply a higher risk than an energy-efficient new build set up on a hill. In addition to such obvious risk, we can offer you insights into the risk presented by a particular builder or improvements that were or were not permitted.

  • Some builders could have a reputation for cutting corners to build faster or cheaper. Knowing that can help you to look past a good-looking facade.
  • Many homeowners forego the permitting process to save money, but that can also result in inferior and unsafe upgrades.
  • If the home’s location, materials and construction processes have already resulted in claims in the past, we can help you find that out.

Determine Individual Risk

The homeowner requesting a policy also needs to be considered in the estimate and amount of coverage. If a person has already made claims on this or other previous properties, that could raise a red flag of a possibly fraudulent background. You should also know if this homeowner actually intends to live in the home or has purchased the property for flipping.

  • While it could be simply bad luck, a homeowner with previous home insurance claims could reveal a problematic pattern.
  • The same could apply if the person is a flipper versus planning a property as a long-term residence.
  • We can help you to quickly locate all such information, as well as help you to interpret it as an issue or not.

Improve Workflows

While also helping to protect your bottom line, having immediate access to the right data can make day-to-day processes faster and easier to perform. We do all the data gathering and organizing for you, so you can focus on providing superior products and service for your clients. Best of all, we offer you access to our data in a variety of ways convenient to you and your business.

  • Via our Web Search Platform, you can lookup information for individuals, businesses and properties quickly.
  • Clean up and append your client lists with the up-to-date contact information available via batch processing.
  • Bring all of Enformion’s data in-house by integrating it into your own systems with customizable API solutions.



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