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With thorough data and advanced analysis and insights, life insurance carriers can make smarter decisions, faster. Enformion can provide these essential tools.

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Enformion’s Life Insurance Solutions

In the life insurance industry, having information and empathy are equally important. Both elements enable you to provide compassionate and efficient customer service, as well as to protect your interests and raise your bottom line.

Enformion specializes in the kind of data and delivery options that can help life insurance carriers succeed. And we have the expertise and analytical tools necessary for you to make smarter business decisions based on our good data.

Offer the Right Plans

Every client’s needs are different and specific. Being able to satisfactorily meet those unique needs is what will ensure your company’s success. Having thorough information about your customers will help you to offer adequate coverage and premiums. Enformion can get you the information you need to make the right plan suggestions.

  • You want to provide customers with the coverage they need and premiums that they can afford.
  • Too little or too much of either can only result in unhappy customers who don’t come back.
  • Having the right information and using it to make thoughtful decisions is more than just good business; it shows you care.

Identify & Stop Fraud

Both during the acquisition phase and throughout the lifecycle of a policy, you need to be able to recognize and then stop fraudulent activities. Putting efforts into place to do so will prove that you’re meeting any due diligence requirements, as well as keep you from losing out on the revenue and good reputation that you’ve worked so hard to gain.

  • A good due diligence process will pinpoint suspicious patterns at any and all stages of a customer’s journey.
  • Ideally, it can work as a deterrent and stop fraud from happening before it even starts.
  • Enformion includes the vital information you need to prevent insurance fraud.

See What Risks a Client Presents

You will need to take on at least some risk with every life insurance customer. But it’s up to you and your company to determine the kinds and amount of risk that you are comfortable taking on, as well as mitigate the risk with which you are not comfortable. Enformion has the tools to help you find and assess important risk factors.

  • We can offer you access to financial risk data, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgments, and liens.
  • You can also see a variety of criminal records for the insured person, as well as their beneficiaries.
  • It’s up to you to determine what information is essential; we have it all available and can make access to what you need quick and easy.

Bring in More Revenue Faster

With vast amounts of data at your disposal, organized and delivered specific to your purposes, you can streamline just about every aspect of the life insurance process. You can use our data and services to improve your own procedures. Doing so means applications get filled out, approvals happen, and onboarding occurs faster, without time-wasting errors.

  • Good data and state-of-the-art tools can improve everyday administrative processes, as well as decision making.
  • By making every step of the process quick and painless, you improve the overall customer experience.
  • When a customer is happy, he or she is much easier to retain.



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