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Being able to engage in a streamlined quoting and underwriting process serves to enhance the client experience and improve your bottom line. See how Enformion’s wealth of data and intuitive services can help.

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Enformion Quoting and Underwriting Solutions

The quoting and underwriting process requires a lot of information and care to do things accurately. And up to recently, it would also take a proportionate amount of time to perform all the required due diligence necessary to ensure that accuracy.

Immediate access to the vast database at Enformion means you can get the information you need in a fraction of the time it used to take, and with the high level of accuracy you need to move forward with confidence. Improve your processes and your customers’ experiences with quoting and underwriting solutions at Enformion.

Identify and Mitigate Risk

Before moving forward with anything, you need to determine a client’s level of risk, and if that perceived risk is something that you are comfortable taking on or not. This is true whether you’re vetting a brand-new client or an existing client requesting new coverage. You can work to mitigate risk at any point of the customer journey with Enformion.

  • We can offer valuable insights into a person’s data, to evaluate what, if any, risk they pose.
  • Use identity verification services to perform your due diligence and meet any crime compliance regulations.
  • Keep track of customers—and changes in their circumstances—over time with regular monitoring and alerts.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Get the answers you need, and get them quickly. Enformion’s vast database and state-of-the-art analytics offer you fast insights that are specific to your needs. Starting with just a small amount of identifying information, you can discover a full picture about a customer and make decisions regarding that customer accordingly.

  • Don’t waste time checking and double checking a person’s information anymore.
  • We take care of all of that for you, with guaranteed speed and accuracy.
  • You can then move forward and make quote and underwriting decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

Streamline Processes

By enhancing the quoting and underwriting process, you set a great foundation for improving other related processes. The same kind of data that informs underwriting and quotes can also be used for product development purposes, marketing initiatives, and more. Employing such a data-driven approach with multiple business initiatives can only make your entire company run more efficiently.

  • Anticipate customers’ needs and life changes with suitable products at the ready.
  • Create focused and effective marketing campaigns based on demographic analysis.
  • For collections processes, ensure right-party contact with customer contact lists that are always correct and current.

Enhance the Customer Experience

As much as it will make things easier and more efficient on your side, improved quoting and underwriting will also go a long way toward building a portfolio of happy clients. The process of getting insurance—for a car, home, business, etc.—can be stressful for customers. By speeding things along and offering appropriate coverage, you ease that stress.

  • By using enhanced data and processes, you speed up your own processes and keep anxious customers from having to wait too long.
  • A fast response is a great way to create a good first impression.
  • Keep that impression up—and keep that client—by utilizing the powerful data of Enformion throughout the course of your relationship.



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