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Want to increase your Right-Party Contact rate? Find more contacts quickly with Enformion’s new Utility One Search powered by utility records.

Enformion’s Utility One Search—as reported by gas, electric, phone, and other utility companies—is a unique data set that provides access to new names and up-to-date contact information, including more than 45 million consumers not found in traditional credit header data. Additionally, these utility records are available before other credit header data, typically 30-60 days sooner!

Our Utility File contains:

  • 240M+ unique consumers
  • 700M+ records

With the addition of this new data file, our database is expanded for more breadth and coverage to provide you the solutions you need to aid in collections or investigations. And since utility data is updated more frequently than other data sources, you can count on even more timely information from your searches.

In addition to Enformion’s full range of customized data solutions, our new Utility One Search will ensure you find the best data to solve your problems. To find out more about the best option for you, please contact us or give us a call at 1-855-281-3915.

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