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Identity Verification

Accelerated identity verification to increase efficiency, compliance, and customer experience – all while reducing loss and enabling frictionless customer onboarding. Our AI and machine learning-enhanced IDV products deliver analytics and data with reliable, top-quality results that both you and your clients can be confident in.

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Age Verification

Our suite of age verification products offers businesses a reliable solution to ensure compliance and protect against underage access. With cutting-edge technology and comprehensive databases, Enformion empowers businesses to confidently verify the age of their customers with ease. From online retailers to age-restricted services, our solutions provide peace of mind while maintaining regulatory compliance. Trust Enformion for accurate, efficient, and secure age verification solutions tailored to your needs.

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Fraud & Risk Mitigation

Predict and prevent sophisticated fraud schemes and reduce fraud write-offs by harnessing the power of our behavior analytics, scoring, and monitoring system. Our suite of advanced analytics and data products are backed by our hyper-focused entity resolution, inter-relationship between people, and unparalleled depth of our data assets.

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Marketing Intelligence & Sales Enablement

Discover how Enformion's marketing intelligence and sales enablement solutions can transform and enrich your business strategies. Leverage our comprehensive identity graph, contact enrichment capabilities, and deep consumer insights to create targeted audiences, optimize lead data, and allocate resources efficiently.

Enformion’s first-party customer insights and enrichment services elevate your marketing and sales initiatives, streamlining prospecting efforts, driving meaningful results, and helping your business achieve its objectives. Empower your growth through our comprehensive solutions.

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Collections & Investigations

Drive greater efficiencies and right-party contact rates through proprietary real-time phone, address, and propensity scoring backed by machine learning and AI. Streamline your efforts, reduce resources, and save time with our Collections & Investigations tools.

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Our Platform

Empower Your Team with Flexible Data Solutions

Our platform includes flexible data delivery options and powerful integrated machine learning and AI that offers a multifaceted view of data - with detailed analytics, comprehensive forecasting, and much more.

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