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Our IDV Products Offer Protection From Risk, Fraud, & Operational Inefficiencies

Enformion identity verification (IDV) gives you confidence in every step of the authentication journey. Our expansive data repository, advanced analytics, and suite of IDV products offer more than superior search and verification results – we empower our customers with the ability to forecast the potential for fraud with intuitive risk indicators, real-time scoring, advanced analytics, actionable insights, and more.

Verify & Onboard

Our IDV products help authenticate & verify identities while enhancing the customer experience with tools designed to simplify the customer journey and protect from possible risk indicators.

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    A proprietary Composite Score and risk indicators that verify identity data and provide a comprehensive view of an individual consumer.

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    A cutting-edge age verification product that uses advanced analytics and a highly configurable set of inputs to accurately determine if an individual is 18 years or older.

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    A solution using deep data and machine learning to quickly fill in missing consumer information, streamline customer onboarding, reduce friction, and provide accurate insights into consumer profiles.

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  • A real-time solution that utilizes identity graph data and analytics to flag potential adverse risks, providing comprehensive insights into a customer’s background and aiding in fraud and risk reduction.

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Utilizing cloud infrastructure, machine learning, and advanced analytics, Enformion’s eIDV instantly verifies the legitimacy of PII-based identity data. The solution matches search inputs, such as name, address, and phone, against Enformion’s vast, deep database to determine the authenticity of an individual, corroborating that they are who they claim to be. 

The match strength is compiled and displayed in a user-friendly proprietary Composite Score and a category-level match score. The weighting of each element can be fully customized in the total calculated score. eIDV demonstrates its broad coverage, data freshness, and accuracy of information by providing reliable match rates, especially among hard-to-verify populations.

Use Cases Include:

Optional add-ons include eIndicator and ePrefill.

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Enformion’s eAgeComply is a cutting-edge age verification product. Setting a new standard, eAgeComply verifies age and identity accurately and quickly, providing businesses with a comprehensive tool to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce fraud risks. With just a phone number or name and address, businesses can rely on eAgeComply to confirm that users are 18 years of age or older, ensuring compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements.

With eAgeComply, businesses can confidently onboard users and ensure they fall within the correct targeted audience. This powerful tool empowers organizations to prioritize compliance without compromising on efficiency. eAgeComply allows businesses to address global needs and cater to both in-person and remote authentication channels.

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Enformion’s ePrefill is a powerful solution designed to address the challenges businesses face during customer onboarding and information enrichment processes. By leveraging Enformion’s extensive data, advanced analytics, machine learning capabilities, and comprehensive identity graph, ePrefill quickly fills in missing consumer information. This innovative solution helps businesses reduce onboarding friction, minimize abandonment rates, and gain accurate insights into consumer profiles.

ePrefill enhances the customer experience by streamlining the digital onboarding process in a safe and secure manner, resulting in faster and more profitable operations for businesses. As an add-on to Enformion’s eIDV, ePrefill adds an extra layer of confidence and security by allowing the verification of additional risk elements associated with an individual. ePrefill empowers businesses with accurate and enriched consumer data, facilitating more efficient and informed decision-making.

Use Cases Include:


Enformion’s eIndicators reduces the time and resources spent on manually authenticating customer background information by flagging potential risks in real-time. eIndicators utilizes a vast range of identity graph data and robust analytics to provide distinct and comprehensive insights into a customer’s background, including compliance, financial, and potential adverse risk factors.

In addition to indicating whether an identity matches bankruptcies, liens, and other factors, eIndicators also includes a record count of each identified element. It functions as an extension to Enformion’s eIDV, providing a robust solution for fraud and risk reduction.

Use Cases Include:

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