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Our IDV Products Offer Protection From Risk, Fraud, & Operational Inefficiencies.

Enformion identity verification (IDV) gives you confidence in every step of the authentication journey. Our expansive data repository and suite of IDV products offer more than superior search and verification results – we empower our customers with the ability to forecast the potential for fraud with intuitive risk indicators, real-time scoring, actionable insights, and more.

Enformion IDV Product Suite

Our suite of products solves a variety of common verification challenges throughout the customer journey.

Onboarding & Acquisition

Authenticate/IDV Score

This product creates a confidence score based on data pulled from our expansive repository that corroborates the individual in question is who they claim to be. Verifying an individual’s identity using historical data (that goes back over twenty years in some cases) significantly lowers the risk of fraud, helps to identify higher quality leads and contributes to maintaining compliance – all while saving time, resources, and money with a more efficient process.

Our prefill product significantly improves the percentage of completed digital forms by validating partial customer information and providing missing information, such as the full SSN, current address, etc. Automating this process means a massive reduction in time, effort, and resources, as well as lowering the risks associated with human error. Using this product offers customers a smoother, speedier onboarding experience, reducing partial submissions, increasing customer conversions, and strengthening your company brand.

ID Authenticate & Prefill

“If an application takes more than 20 minutes to complete, a whopping 70% of customers abandon the application altogether.”

Verification & Underwriting

The Address Confidence Score uses machine learning & AI to substantiate data associating an individual’s address as their current, primary residence. The Address Confidence Score is calculated by researching billions of address records, including “first/last seen”. By eliminating outdated or fabricated addresses, this product reduces research efforts and accelerates the right party contact (RPC) in customer enablement, fraud, and collections.

Address Confidence Score

The postal service alone spends over a BILLION dollars each year to handle undeliverable mail.”

RPC Phone Score

“It takes an average of 8 call attempts to reach a prospect, and that is with the correct phone number.”

The Right-Party Contact (RPC) scoring product assigns a confidence score based on data that correlates a phone number with the primary phone number of a known individual. Other intuitive scoring criteria include a, b and c. Using this product improves the accuracy of contact information, increasing the success of your collection efforts and assists in maintaining compliance with phone-related legal directives such as CFPB Regulation F.

Enformion’s age verification verifies each factor of a given date-of-birth (DOB) independently, which means for a DOB to be successfully verified it must match all three factors- the day, month and year. In addition, each DOB must corroborate with two of the following identification criteria: SSN, Name, Phone, Address, and/or Email.

Like all Enformion’s verification products, the Age Verification product goes beyond what is provided by most competitor tools – comprehensive results backed by multi-factor verification, and in real time. DOB information is the easiest to forge and the hardest to correct – making this product a critical part of the verification process. 

Age Verification

Customer Service & Management

Household Composition

“On average, 10% of a state’s population will have a change of address every year.”

Verifying identities and confirming household composition is critical in ensuring beneficiaries of social service organizations maintain their eligibility status for the benefits they receive and continue to live within the jurisdiction served.

Enformion’s Household Composition identifies and corrects outdated addresses and provides verification when multiple residents claim the same address. This product simplifies and streamlines the eligibility process, making it popular among several government organizations and services including Medicaid, SNAP, Social Security, Unemployment, Child Support, and Housing.

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