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Identity Verification with Enformion

For many transactions, especially those that deal with sensitive information, you want to make sure you’re dealing with the correct person. That’s where Enformion’s identity verification services can help.

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Verify Someone’s Identity in an Instant with Enformion

It is vital for businesses to know who they’re dealing with during every transaction. This is due in large part to the proliferation of fraudsters and ever-changing state and federal data privacy laws, but it’s also just good business to know your customers, what their needs are, and how to contact them.

Enformion’s customizable identity verification solutions make that easy.

Why Professionals Need Identity Verification

Any business, non-profit or government agency will benefit from the use of efficient and accurate Identity Verification. When transactions involve the exchange of money, goods, or sensitive personal information, it’s imperative to make sure a subject is authorized to complete that transaction.

With thorough identity verification, businesses can quickly:

  • Ensure customers, vendors, or other users are who they say they are
  • Identify qualified, high-quality leads
  • Mitigate fraud
  • Comply with data privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)
  • Aid in the success of marketing campaigns and other business-driving initiatives

The data gleaned through identity verification can help professionals to meet their various legal requirements. At the same time, it can also help to ensure the efficiency of day-to-day operations, as well as quickly pinpoint sources of potential fraud or loss. As a result, the Enformion identity verification tool can ultimately lead to a positive reputation and greater financial success for your business or agency.

How Identity Verification with Enformion Works

Enformion’s Identity Verification was designed to make it as easy as possible to get fast and accurate data. We offer a variety of scalable data delivery options to enable companies to both request data and have it returned in a way that’s ideal for them and their internal processes. Enformion offers you:

  • 24/7 access via API, with response times in the milliseconds
  • The ability to process data requests in large batches
  • Fast manual searches via our online search platform

Prefer to keep your data sets in-house? We can develop a custom solution that will integrate directly into your existing proprietary data system for seamless searches and lightning-fast returns.

Through one or a combination of these methods, Enformion can verify as much or as little identifying data as you need, including:

  • GLBA permissible use
  • Name
  • Aliases/AKAs
  • Current address
  • Previous addresses
  • Landline and cell phone numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Possible relatives and associates
  • SSNs
  • Real property data
  • And more (as needed, depending on the specific use case)

Identity Verification FAQs

What is identity verification?

Identity verification is the process by which a business or government agency can confirm that a person is really who they say they are. This can be done in-person, online or via a combination of the two.

What information do I need to have to verify someone’s identity?

When done online, identity verification typically involves confirming more than one piece of corroborating data. The pieces of data used to do this can vary based on specific use cases, but they can include a person’s name, their date of birth, an address, phone number, or SSN.

Why do laws like the CCPA require identity verification?

Data privacy laws like the CCPA allow people to request their public data and other information that’s been collected on them by businesses, websites, etc. Identity verification ensures that this kind of personally identifiable data actually goes to the authorized subject.

What’s the difference between identification and verification?

Identification is a subject’s claim of their identity. Verification is done to prove or disprove that claim.



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