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As a leader in AI-driven data analysis and fraud mitigation technology, Enformion offers the resources and enablement to accelerate the growth and success for a large number of business industries across the U.S.

At Enformion, we build lasting, genuine relationships with our clients and partners with a single driving force and common purpose…to provide the products and resources needed for businesses in any industry to achieve success.

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  • Bureau helps protect and accelerate digital customer journeys against fraud. It’s no-code platform enables real-time risk intelligence for compliance, fraud, and security use-cases in over 100+ markets globally. Bureau is a no-code, identity decisioning platform that protects digital customer journeys against fraud globally. It offers businesses the complete range of risk, compliance and ongoing fraud monitoring solutions innovated with AI. Using next-generation orchestration, Bureau provides businesses real-time, contextualized risk insights for compliance, fraud, and security purposes enabling digital trust.

  • Cortera delivers the hard-to-find B2B information on private companies that credit professionals need to increase revenue and minimize risk. We bring insight, innovation, and community to the world of commercial credit through one of the largest databases of B2B credit data in North America. With over a trillion and a half data points, our insights are available across 45 supplier categories and down to the company level. Now part of the Moody’s family, Cortera is accelerating innovations in credit analytics, empowering businesses to make smarter business decisions.

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    Skopenow is an elevated people search engine for discovering fraud and evaluating risk. Their integrative platform identifies, collects, and analyzes public information on people and businesses by scouring millions of sources and data points. While Skopenow is built for use in insurance, government, and law, the product is also highly applicable in HR, real estate, and education. Skopenow is one of the most powerful reverse phone, email, address, and username lookup engines on the web.

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    Digital Recognition Network or DRN is the largest available database of license plate recognition (LPR) scans in the nation. DRN’s growth path has been fueled by visionary innovation, proven technology, and a service-and-solutions-oriented culture. Today, DRN’s exclusive vehicle location data paired with analytics helps users build the full story of a vehicle’s location history and trends rather than simple location tracking alone. This competitive advantage can help lenders, recovery agents, insurers and auto manufacturers locate more vehicles faster. That means fewer charge-offs, more recovered vehicles, less fraud, and higher recall completion.

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