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Corporations and nonprofits require a lot of information about a wide variety of people. See how Enformion’s far-reaching records can help you get that information.

Accelerate your workflow

Your nonprofit or for-profit organization faces a greater risk of fraud happening than ever before. It also has to respond to heightened regulatory and public scrutiny and the potential for reputational damage in the event of fraud. That’s why you always want to ensure you’re not exposing your organization to any risk. Risk management makes it less likely to run into fraud and other issues later on. Enformion’s Corporate Risk Management Software provides accurate and reliable data you need to detect risk.

Learn more about your current patrons
Reach out to new people
Analyze fraud and catch problems early
Maintain up-to-date-customer records

Learn more about your current patrons

Whether you’re looking for specific information about a prospect or general information about companies, Enformion’s Corporate Risk Management Software has got you covered. The platform allows you to access comprehensive data about your prospects. It draws from over 6,000 data sources, increasing your ability to search, and providing the most accurate data possible. With Enformion, you can collect any information around your target, including their address history, contact information, etc. Enformion takes the stress out of having to find this information manually.

Reach out to new people

Both nonprofits and for-profits have the constant need to reach out to people. So, whether you’re trying to identify potential customers who can buy into your solutions or donors who could sponsor specific programs in your nonprofit, you’ll need an effective solution to streamline the process. Enformion’s tools help you collect comprehensive data to target prospects and turn them into leads, as well as learn about an organization’s background.

Analyze fraud and catch problems early

With the growing cases of fraud, it is no longer a matter of if but when. You’re most likely going to deal with fraud in your for-profit or nonprofit organization at some point. The best you can do is to ensure that bad actors don’t succeed with their attempts. Fraud can have adverse effects on organizations. In addition to the financial impact, it can damage the reputation and cause unrest. Enformion provides a range of solutions to help you detect fraud before it happens. For example, our real-time Risk Alerts can notify your corporation or nonprofit about potential threats inside or outside the organization.

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Maintain up-to-date customer records

Customer data degenerates so fast and needs regular updates to remain useful. Data helps your business keep in contact with customers. It also helps you avoid legal consequences of contacting the wrong person or not keeping accurate customer data. Besides, it’s harder and costly to track leads with bad data. Rather than waste time on old contact details, you want the newest and most accurate information possible. Enformion’s batch processing options ensure all your information is accurate and cross-check for additional profiling information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Enformion help my corporation?

As a corporation or nonprofit, you need lots of information about the people you work with. So, it’s essential to have a source of information that lets you make the right choices at all times. Enformion gives you the broadest range of options for gathering data, offering you the flexibility you need to streamline your risk management. We give you insights into your current patrons, and help you analyze fraud, maintain up-to-date records, and reach out to new customers.

What solutions do you offer for corporations?

Enformion has a range of tools and solutions for all your needs. Some examples include Know your Customer solutions, Crime compliance tools, Identity Management systems, and Customer Identification systems. Our tools can help all types of corporations, including limited liability, nonprofits, corporations, partnerships, and more.

How can you ensure up-to-date customer records?

Enformion’s batch processing options can help ensure all your information is accurate. It also lets you cross-check for additional profiling information. With our tools, you never have to waste time and resources contacting the wrong people. You also won’t have to worry about running into legal troubles that come with contacting the wrong people.

How can Enformion help analyze and prevent fraud?

Enformion provides a range of tools like real-time Risk Alerts that notify you about potential threats from either inside or outside your nonprofit or for-profit organization.

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