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Defend against fraud, automate processes, and watch your business thrive.

Today’s online merchants need powerful products built with state-of-the-art intelligence to safeguard their business against fraud and ensure a streamlined, frictionless customer experience.

In an era where platforms like the dark web are designed to make the theft of online information and assets easier than ever, Enformion’s suite of products empowers you to take a proactive stance on fraud by mitigating risk before it even becomes an issue.

Beyond providing quality data and sophisticated analytics, we strive to be your trusted partner throughout the entire customer journey – offering end-to-end support that helps your eCommerce or marketplace grow and succeed in today’s Information Era.

A seamless customer journey starts here…

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Account/Customer Sign-Up

Verifying new account holders/applicants is the first and most important step for the growth and success of any business. New member or customer sign-up forms must be short and simple, while still extracting enough information to confirm applicants are indeed who they say they are. Products like Enformion’s ePrefill significantly increase the percentage of completed digital forms by validating partial customer information and prefilling forms. Form abandonment is also greatly reduced by making customer sign-up quick and easy.

Order processing.

Order Processing & Underwriting

Orders that are processed quickly are a win-win, as the customer experiences a smooth and speedy transaction, and the company enjoys a faster capture of revenue. Enformion’s verification products like eIDV empower businesses to clear orders faster, while our risk mitigation products, such as Device ID Risk, significantly reduce fraud, therefore reducing the time, effort and excessive costs associated with fraudulent transactions.

Order fulfillment.


Successful fulfillment and delivery are critical parts of the customer journey. The intuitive analytics in our scoring products like the eAddress RPC Score, significantly reduce delivery fraud, as well as the costs related to shipping delays and lost packages. Getting your products to the right person at the right place means more customer satisfaction – and loyal customers result in more referrals, recurring orders, and most importantly, higher revenue.

Join the hundreds of businesses using Enformion products to grow faster, expand further and realize greater success.

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