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AI/Machine Learning

Our suite of products includes powerful integrated machine learning and AI that offers a multifaceted view of data – with detailed analytics, comprehensive forecasting, and much more.

By harnessing data science expertise and the latest methods in predictive modeling using machine learning we provide a more holistic understanding of our data. Using intuitive AI methods, we transcend the black-box stereotype.


Artificial Intelligence

Enformion’s data and advanced analytics are backed by intuitive AI methods that assist users in all phases of the big data cycle, and the processes involved in the aggregation, storage, and retrieval of diverse types of data from various sources.

These sophisticated algorithms provide in-depth analytics and powerful features such as fraud mitigation, risk scoring, identity verification, and more.


Machine Learning

Enformion utilizes machine learning to maximize our data’s breadth, depth, and efficiency.

Our machine learning tools use data-driven algorithms and statistical models to analyze data sets and then draw inferences from identified patterns or make predictions based on them to provide you with powerful insights you may not get from just the data alone.

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These automated processes help save time, money, and other powerful resources.

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