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Collections & Recovery

Smart data and analytics to enhance recovery efforts and lead to greater profits

Without comprehensive and accurate data, efforts in locating a responsible debtor can be so complex and time-consuming that the resulting profit is negligible. Enformion recognizes how critical it is to find the right-party contact quickly and efficiently to realize success in your recovery efforts.

Our products offer the Collections & Recovery industry smart data, intuitive analytics, and streamlined workflows – making any investigative and/or recovery journey easier, more productive, and far less costly.

Because better performance means higher profits.


In-house Collections

First-party or in-house collections have the added burden of affecting the performance, profits, and reputation of the entire company. Enformion’s Collections & Investigation products provide in-house collections with greater access to data, comprehensive analytics, and automated workflows, which enables them to expand recovery efforts and realize higher returns.

Data-driven analytic products like our Propensity Score and RPC Phone Score make it easier to locate the right-party contact, a step that cannot be skipped or rushed as it is essential to every recovery effort. Quickly identifying the right-party contact allows you to process and close more investigations in less time – decreasing operating costs and increasing profit.


Third-party Debt Collections

Maintaining profit margins for 3rd party debt collectors comes down to streamlining processes, reducing operating expenses, and avoiding non-compliant collections. Enformion has numerous products to help save time and effort when researching, locating, and contacting indebted parties, including our ID Monitoring, RPC Phone Score, and Financial Resilience Score products.

Enformion’s vast data repository and advanced analytics empower debt buyers to dive deeper when researching the debt being acquired, so it’s easier to close cases faster while still maintaining compliance. Our Batch Processing and API Integration enable debt buyers to successfully manage large debt portfolios with ease, compounding recovery results and ROI.

Join the hundreds of businesses using Enformion products to grow faster, expand further and realize greater success.

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