Enformion for Financial Services

In financial services, it’s challenging to simultaneously comply with regulations, reduce fraud, and offer excellent client care. Enformion can make these things easier.

Maintain compliance more easily


Financial laws and regulations are a necessary part of doing business in financial services. But as conditions change, so do regulations. It can be a challenge keeping up and staying in compliance. Our data can help those in financial services comply with regulations and help identify and vet customers.

Streamline collections processes


Enformion’s extensive set of collections tools and skip tracing solutions automate data and increase efficiency in collection efforts

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Better identify risk


Our data can help you make better identify various levels of risk indicators, such as bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and foreclosures.

Stay ahead of fraud


Financial services are a constant target, so comprehensive fraud detection and prevention is essential. It also needs to be adaptive to offer continual protection even when fraudsters change their approaches. Enformion can help your company to stay agile and meet fraud head-on.

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