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Financial Services

Customizable, scalable products that simplify processes and safeguard assets.

The financial service industry is one of the most heavily regulated – it is also one of the most significantly impacted by fraud. Because of this, every single transaction is a complex blend of company best practices, federal regulations, and customer service.

Our products offer an efficient, compliant, and frictionless experience throughout the entire customer journey while enhancing customer sign-on rates

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Acquisition & Onboarding

When opening an account, whether you’re the institution or the customer, you want to be assured that your information is safe and secure and that the process is as easy as can be. Enformion can help with that! Our eIDV product creates a confidence score based on data pulled from our expansive repository that corroborates that the individual in question is who they claim to be. For Financial Institutions, this product verifies important identity markers to prevent fraud when processing a new customer account, a first-time login, or a password reset.

Reducing form abandonment and partial fills is one of the many benefits of our ePrefill product. This product uses automated, machine learning technology to complete partial customer information and provide missing information, such as phone number, current address, and more.

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Verification & Underwriting

Ongoing monitoring of accounts is a time-consuming, often manual process. Financial Institutions must comply with many different rules, regulations, and compliance requirements which aren’t always easy since things change often. Enformion’s data and advanced analytics can help automate some of these processes, saving a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Our KYC Monitoring product verifies the identity, risk profile, and financial position of your clients while maintaining compliance with your KYC policy. With real-time data and analytics, this product ensures you adhere to the criteria for KYC, for accurate, compliant results with minimal effort.


Customer Service & Management

Maintaining a positive relationship with your customer is essential. In a day and age where many processes are moving to fully digital, you may miss out on important ways to build customer loyalty. Thankfully, Enformion can help ensure your customers feel taken care of and that their accounts are secure.

Continuous monitoring tracks numerous customer profile attributes for any changes in data. Monitoring across multiple customer management processes can be time-consuming and complex which makes this particularly helpful for Financial Institutions as they are one of the highest-risk targets for fraud.

The Bottom Line

While the world of financial fraud is constantly evolving and becoming more complex and trickier – we are dedicated to providing products that keep up with the latest technology and empowering businesses in the financial industry with products that save time, resources, and effort, while maintaining compliance, improving the customer experience, and increasing company growth and revenue.

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