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In financial services, it’s challenging to simultaneously comply with regulations, reduce fraud, and offer excellent client care. Enformion can make things easier.

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How Enformion Helps Those in Financial Services

As anyone in financial services knows, there is a whole lot more than money that you have to manage on a day-to-day basis. There are always people attempting to defraud banks and other lenders, and looking for weaknesses to do so. And you always need to be aware of changing laws and regulations, and make efforts to always stay compliant.

It’s a lot to handle, but Enformion can help to make things easier on you.

Always Stay in Regulatory Compliance

Financial laws and regulations are a necessary part of doing business in financial services. They formalize certain customer protections and security procedures that a bank or lender would probably want to put into place anyway as part of good business practices. But as conditions change, so do regulations. It can be a challenge keeping up and staying in compliance.

  • Crime compliance is an essential part of financial services operations. Maintaining it protects your business from fraud or claims of malfeasance.
  • Enformion data can help those in financial services to comply with information to help identify and vet customers, immediately and on an ongoing basis.
  • With crime compliance managed, your company can better focus on superior products and customer service.

Streamline Collections Processes

In a perfect world, people would pay back their loans in a timely manner, without any prompting. But in the real world, individuals and businesses default on their loans. Those who specialize in financial services need to have an effective and efficient collections process in place. Enformion can help to make that process run even smoother.

  • Depending on their circumstances, debtors often don’t want to be found. But an accurate and up-to-date contact list makes it harder for them to hide.
  • This and more of Enformion’s skip tracing tools help to speed up the debt collection process.
  • By automating contact data, and always having the best information available, collections teams run more efficiently and maximize their returns.

Stay Ahead of Fraud

Wherever there’s money, you can bet there are fraudsters lurking to get their hands on it. Financial services are a constant target, so comprehensive fraud detection and prevention is essential. It also needs to be adaptive to offer continual protection even when fraudsters change their approaches. Enformion can help your company to stay agile and meet fraud head-on.

  • Enformion’s high-quality data can help with essential fraud prevention tasks of identity verification and due diligence.
  • Via our API integration or large batch processing solutions, you can largely automate these tasks to focus on product development and client services.
  • Being able to stop fraud both protects your immediate interests and ensures your reputation as a safe and secure company, which can help to draw in more high-quality clients.



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