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Industry pioneers and experts in data technology.

Founded by a team of industry pioneers and experts in data technology with over two decades of experience, Enformion’s data repository comprises more than 6,000 data sources and 120 billion records available via a cloud-based platform, API, and batch processing.  

Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we provide an unparalleled and comprehensive view of people, businesses, assets, and their interrelationships. Our family of solutions empower businesses throughout the United States to make informed decisions that maximize knowledge, improve efficiencies, and better serve the needs of their clients.   

Our Values  

Partnering For Success

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients and partners with a single driving force and common purpose – that their continued success is Enformion’s success

Quality You Can Trust

We offer best-in-class data, analytics, and applications that are customized to each customer’s specific workflow. Built on next-generation technology, with a focus on AI and ML, our data solutions allow businesses to make informed decisions with confidence. 

Who We Serve

Enformion’s data provides actionable intelligence for Financial Services, Retail and eCommerce, Accounts Receivable Management, Legal, and Government Agencies, including: 

Identity Verification

Accelerated identity verification to increase efficiency, compliance, and customer experience – all while reducing loss and enabling frictionless customer onboarding. Our AI and machine learning enhanced IDV products deliver data with reliable, top-quality results both you and your clients can be confident in.

Fraud & Risk Detection

Predict and prevent sophisticated fraud schemes and reduce fraud write-offs by harnessing the power of our behavior analytics, scoring, and monitoring system. Our suite of data products and services are backed by our hyper-focused entity resolution, inter-relationship between people, and unparalleled depth of our data assets.

Collections & Investigations

Drive greater efficiencies and right-party contact rates through proprietary real-time phone, address, and propensity scoring backed by machine learning and AI. Streamline your efforts, reduce resources, and save time with our Collections & Investigations tools.

Our Family of Solutions

Explore our family of solutions that share the same unified mission and powerful data-backed products through an expanded set of resources.

The Tracers solution combines industry-leading powerful search technology with a best-in-class cloud-based solution for the investigative market, including professional investigators and legal experts.  

The Endato solution focuses on providing publicly available data via API and search tools through a self-service system. Specializing in market research tools for realtors, real estate investors, developers, marketers, and sales professionals, Endato offers an in-depth catalog of services for contact enrichment, caller ID, real property data, and powerful skip tracing solutions.  

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