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Data Delivery Options

Our flexible data delivery options include API integration, Batch Appends, or our Cloud-Based Platform.

Our platform includes flexible data delivery options such as API Integration, powerful Batch Processing, or anytime access via the Cloud-Based Platform.


API Integration

Enformion’s API allows you to integrate with most software systems for in-depth searches and display custom results using your own existing applications.

Enformion utilizes standard XML / REST gateways with easy-to-use JSON responses for a quick and efficient integration without re-designing your infrastructure. This enables your developers to quickly integrate new features rather than spend time rewriting a site from scratch. They can simply add additional rich content and cutting-edge functionality with minimal effort.

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Batch Processing

Batch processing is a data transfer environment that creates a fast and easy way to obtain high search volume results. Batching can reduce manual search time and give you complete files in unparalleled return time.

Enformion’s batch solutions are an exceptional resource to any businesses that demand immediate and complete up-to-date knowledge. Increase your productivity, enhance your user performance, and increase efficiency by saving time and money.

With our customizable solutions, simply upload a secure file and Enformion appends data based on your requirements.


Cloud-Based Platform

Enformion’s Cloud-Based platform gives you convenient access to the entirety of the Enformion database, anytime anywhere. That’s billions of records at your fingertips.

Starting by entering just a single data point, you can find a complete data picture of an individual or business. This search makes it easy to locate complete and complex data.

  • Person searches
  • Business searches
  • Customizable reports and user interface
  • Supplement other Enformion products
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