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Navigating Age Verification & Compliance in a Digital Era

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Key Discussion Points:

  • Discussing the need for flexible, customizable solutions 
  • Establishing the legitimacy of consumers through identity verification techniques. 
  • Authenticating the genuine consumer is present for their transactions. 
  • Binding the consumer to a mobile device to validate legitimacy. 
  • Innovative technology and tools to verify identities and confirm the age of target customers. 
  • Preventing age-verification fraud, including the use of a deceased consumer’s profile. 


Garient Evans
SVP of Products – B2B, Enformion
Ravi Bijlani
President – North America, Data Zoo


Complying with age regulations for digital commerce remains an ongoing business challenge in the United States. Rather than producing guidelines and standards, U.S. regulators have used enforcement actions and fines against prominent brands, such as YouTube (Google), as their primary method to drive compliance rather than actively pushing for comprehensive solutions. Until there are clear, national standards, most businesses are struggling to navigate the complex landscape of age restrictions. 

Not only are companies required to obey federal laws and regulations, such as COPPA, but they also must contend with varying requirements across different states. The U.S. now has a growing, and sometimes contradictory, patchwork of compliance measures, further complicating the situation. With each state contributing its own set of rules, businesses must allocate significant resources to understand and adhere to the specific regulations of each jurisdiction in which they operate. This fragmented approach makes it even more challenging to establish a standardized and efficient age verification system. 

When verifying age in the United States, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Any approach must carefully address privacy, accuracy, and fairness concerns. Balancing the need to verify age with the protection of an individual’s personal information is a delicate task. Moreover, ensuring the accuracy of age-verification methods is crucial to prevent underage access to restricted content or products. Simultaneously, any solution must also be fair and avoid discriminating against individuals based on age. Achieving this delicate balance requires a thoughtful and comprehensive approach that takes into account the diverse needs and concerns of both businesses and consumers. 

In our upcoming webinar, experts from Enformion and Data Zoo will cover how businesses can correctly use age verification tools and strategies to ensure their consumer base is of the correct age and how to comply with age regulations for their services.  

Register now so you don’t miss this insightful discussion that will shed light on the importance of age verification, and help you better understand how your business can safely interact with your target audience. 

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