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7 Online Safety Tips Everyone Should Know


With the increase in cybercrimes today, it is imperative to practice various online safety tips to prevent cyber-attacks that can cost your business a lot of time and money in the long run. Hackers continue to deploy multiple tactics to hack systems, manipulate data and defraud unsuspecting businesses and individuals.

Whether it is your social media accounts, website, emails, or any other online platform, you want to take measures to ensure each platform is safe. If not, you risk data breach, hefty fines, and penalties. Here are online safety tips to protect your accounts and data.

Protect Personal Information

People do not have to know your private information because they can quickly analyze and use it to hack your data. For instance, if you use your name, date of birth, or other personal information as your passwords, hackers can easily guess and log into your accounts. Therefore, keep personal information private. No one should coerce you to give out the information, even if they are your colleagues or friends.

Keep Privacy Settings On

Most online accounts have privacy features that enable you to keep strangers from accessing vital information about you. While you may want your customers to know more about you, hackers will also be on the lookout for such essential information and use it against your business. So, turn on privacy settings on your accounts to make them visible to you alone and keep them enabled.

Secure Your Devices

Leaving your devices open is risky because it attracts unauthorized access to your accounts. This is why it is imperative to keep your phones, laptop, desktop, or tablet safe by creating secure and strong passwords. Activate automatic screen locks within a few seconds of not using the devices and turn them off when not in use. This makes it challenging for others to open your devices and log into your accounts.

Avoid Using Shared Internet

Most businesses lose their data because of leaving their networks open, enabling strangers to log in. Also, some employees may log into public networks using workplace devices, thus, increasing the risk of data breaches. Hackers can easily access shared networks, log into accounts, steal passwords, and manipulate data. It is best to teach your employees about the effects of logging onto public networks and ensure your WI-FI is safe.

Be Careful with Downloads

It is common to receive emails from strangers today. Most of the emails come with links asking you to click and perform various tasks. If you click on the link, it might direct you to malicious sites managed by scammers.

Scammers can easily access your login details and hack your passwords and username. If this happens, you can close your accounts in a matter of seconds. You also risk losing your data and other private information that can cost your business. So avoid opening suspicious emails or opening links from strangers.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication allows you to log into your accounts using a code. The code comes to your phone, and you input it as the login credential to access your account.

The beauty of this security measure is that no one can access or log into your account, even if they have your password. You are the only one who can sign in because you have access to the phone that receives the code. So, guard your phone well to keep personal accounts and information safe.

Create Strong Passwords

Another effective way to protect your online safety is by creating strong passwords for all your accounts. This makes it challenging for the scammers to guess your passwords or log into your accounts. Include letters, numbers, caps, and small letters in the password to make it stronger and more complex for anyone to guess.

The Bottom Line

Using the above online safety tips will help you browse safely without worrying about losing data to online scammers. Want to learn more about protecting your accounts? Contact Enformion today for more tips and guidance on effective online security measures.

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