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Empowering Santa’s Deliveries with Enformion


Ever wonder how Santa knows which house to deliver each child’s presents to?

With over 3 billion packages delivered across the US each holiday season, an average of 11.43% of families relocating annually, and 39.8% of US households having 1 or more children – that’s a lot of deliveries to track down.

Fortunately, Santa trusts Rudolf to find them all using Enformion’s address verification tools. Our Household Composition Score helps Rudolf know how many kids are at each house – and once Santa has double-checked his naughty/nice list using our identity graph and bad indicators (fraudsters, criminal histories, and sanctions lists), Rudolf uses our Address Confidence Score to verify which address is their current, primary residence quickly – so he can accelerate the correct present delivery.

Helping make Christmas happen… just another way Enformion is empowering informed decisions. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.

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