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Identity Verification

ID Verification: 10 Tips for a Successful Identity Verification


In the age of impersonation and identity theft, it makes sense to want to know you are dealing with the right person. Identity verification helps ensure that someone (whether an online user or person) is who they say they are in the real world.

ID verification is an essential requirement in most procedures and processes, both offline and online, in all kinds of situations, from completing tax processes electronically to opening a bank account. Businesses verify user identities to build trust, prevent identity fraud, and comply with privacy and anti-fraud regulations.

Understanding Identity Verification

Identity verification goes beyond the physical and traditional ways of authentication to help determine identities in the digital era. Businesses now embrace forward-thinking technologies like face-matching using selfies, auto-checking watchlists, liveness detection, data extraction from documents, and automatic scanning for fraudulent documents. Identity verification is critical as it helps entities:

  • Maintain or improve reputation
  • Avoid costly fines and chargebacks
  • Avoid fraud and money laundering concerns
  • Improve customer experience

Being able to verify someone’s identity quickly helps in many ways. Here are some 10 ID verification tips to help you get the most out of the process.

Use Full Legal Names

One of the main reasons ID verification is critical is because people use aliases. Unfortunately, fraudsters hide under aliases too. It’s therefore important to use full legal names as they appear on the national identity card or passport. Ensure that your name is correctly spelled.

Have a Valid ID Ready

A passport, residence permit, ID card, or driver’s license are great for identity verification. They are proof that someone is really who they say they are. But it’s important to ensure that the ID is valid, not physically damaged or expired.

Use a Good Camera and Internet

The latest mobile devices have cameras that take high-quality videos and images. They also support high-speed internet, which makes them a great choice for verification. But you could use your laptop too if it has a decent webcam. You can then open the recommended browser – Chrome, Safari, Firefox – and not refresh it during the verification process.

Do the Verification On Your Own

The good thing about online verification platforms like Enformion is that they are user-friendly and easy to use. It’s easy to want some help – especially if you aren’t tech-savvy. However, you should try to go through the verification alone – or better yet, avoid coercion. Your verification will likely be turned down when there’s any sign of threat.

Be Quick, But Don’t Rush

Most verification platforms have a time cap for the verification process – this is for your safety and security. So, you want to have everything – including your ID – ready to avoid wasting time. Again, try to be quick, but don’t rush and mess up.

Ensure There’s Good Lighting

Remember, you want your pictures to be as clear and of good quality as possible. But this won’t be possible unless you have good lighting and the right background. Also, ensure you have nothing that makes it harder to identify you – like headphones, Vulcan ears, tiaras, headgears, or glasses.

Take Clear ID Photos

The goal is to capture all the ID details clearly and ensure that they’re readable. Smartphones have functionality that lets you focus – take advantage of that to get sharp photos. If the ID photo looks blurry, try again until you get a better one.

Photograph Both Sides

If you are using a residence permit, driver’s license, or ID card for ID verification, be sure to photograph both sides.

Using Your Passport?

For your passport, photograph the page with your photo and details – usually, you’ll get the prompt, so don’t worry.

You and Your ID

Sometimes, you may be required to pose for a selfie with your ID. Just make sure your lighting is right, and hold your ID right under your chin, then take the selfie. Ensure that you and your ID are in frame and focus. The ID should also be readable.

With these 10 tips, you should be able to verify your ID fast. If you are having any problem verifying your ID, feel free to contact us today for quick assistance.

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