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Is Partial Data Enough To Find A Person without Advanced Technology?


As an investigator, you might face various challenges that you may not solve without the right tools and enough data. Take an example of a child taken away by a non-custodial parent, but the witnesses cannot recall what happened. This can be a lengthy, challenging, and time-consuming process in finding the correct information. You have partial data that may not help you fulfill your goal. In this case, it is best to invest in advanced technology that can help you get the data you want to achieve your goals in the long run.

Enformion offers investigative tools that help law firms and licensed investigators uncover missing information faster. Here are the benefits of using investigative tools.

Get the Right Information in Seconds

Enformion investigative tools have a wide range of databases with linking models that can help you get accurate data quickly. This tool allows the relevant investigative agencies and investigators such as bail bondsmen, process servers, law enforcers, and repossession agencies to help them get the correct information. Investigators can use the tool to track down the most complicated information by putting together leads of multiple details.

Investigative Tools Help Get Information Witnesses Can’t Recall 

If witnesses cannot recall every detail of what happened, it becomes challenging for law enforcers to hold a strong case and achieve their goals. But it is possible if they use the proper investigative tools. For instance, when using investigative tools, an investigator can put together different information such as names, telephone numbers, addresses, and social security numbers to obtain more information.

Enformion investigative tools can help you search for the age and location to the closest possible options that can help you extract more information. Even if you only have a phonetic name spelling, the tools can help you narrow the search and find the closest possible information.

For instance, if you have a police report that doesn’t detail the case you’re handling, it can be challenging to get the information you want. Even if the report has the name, city, phone number, and other few details, you may not narrow down the data to find the person you want.

Usually, it can take you more time to find accurate data. Enformion offers an advanced data algorithm to help you fill in the remaining missing details in seconds. The tool also helps you fill in other relevant information about the subject.

In a scenario where some information disappears without a trace, you can use investigative tools to perform an advanced search to produce a list of people who’ve lived within the relevant zip codes. The data can unveil people living there and the missing ones so that, when incorporated with the traditional investigative methodologies, it provides more precise information.

Turns Pieces of Data into a Comprehensive Report

Enformion offers the proper investigative techniques that can help you turn pieces of data into an all-inclusive resort. It works by integrating and overlaying data from different sources to create multiple designs and determine the relationships between people, organizations, locations, and properties.

The Enformion database contains billions of data covering a high percentage of the United States population in seconds. The tool uses exclusive linking techniques to identify the correct data and connect it to the relevant data.

An investigative agency can search for a high volume of data, constantly update the data from multiple sources, and get accurate information.

High-Quality Data from Different Sources

Quality data improves accuracy during investigations and helps you achieve your goals in real-time. Enformion investigative tools have quality resources that help you obtain valuable data which delivers reliable results with fewer false outcomes. Enformion tools turn partial data into quality information.

The Bottom Line

Using the right tools helps you get appropriate and quality data to conduct your investigations smoothly. Want to learn more about how information makes work easier and faster? Contact our experts today for more information.

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