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How Lawyers Use Database Software for Different Types of Cases


Like all other industries, the legal industry is experiencing significant disruption as a result of ever-changing technology — particularly data analysis. Through gathering and inspecting data, lawyers can gain valuable insight and make more objective measurements. Records searches can help enhance law practices by quantifying every client against relevant cases.

Today, lawyers don’t need to peruse hundreds of court records to find relevant cases. Instead, data is recorded digitally — making it more accessible. A legal professional can look at different types of records that relate to business, personal, and alternative data. Examples include business records, physical or electronic addresses, arrest records, phone numbers, personal history, and so much more.

Although most of the above information is publicly available, it can be a daunting task to validate its legitimacy. It is especially true when you rely on internet searches that are prone to multiple changes — including phone numbers and addresses. Today, we take a comprehensive look at how legal professionals use database software for different types of cases.

Divorce Lawyers to Gain Insight on Client Marriage

Through data analysis, divorce attorneys can learn more about a client’s marriage — including personal details of both parties. Let’s say a lawyer is building the asset profile of the case. They will need to search current property owned jointly and separately by the client and their partner. Database software can help quickly find currently and formerly owned property (plus updated assessed values).

Some of these records can reveal debt levels, foreclosures, and bankruptcies of both the client and spouse. When used correctly, divorce lawyers can also determine any business interests, along with business assets, associates, and debts. Other additional data may include criminal histories, the existence of other marriages, aliases, and so much more.

Criminal Defense Lawyers to Access Critical Background Details that Can Influence Strategy

The number one consideration when working on a criminal case is designing a case strategy. Criminal lawyers need as much information as possible to determine the best defenses for their clients. For instance, data will dictate whether to go to trial or negotiate a plea deal.

Did you know criminal defense attorneys can use records searches to identify witnesses? Selecting character witnesses, for example, will require a deep dive into the defendant’s relatives, spouse, associates, and close friends. Getting access to surveillance information — like cars license plate data — can help identify those present at the crime scene. Finally, the database software is instrumental in discrediting prosecution witnesses and jury selection.

Estate Planning Lawyers to Evaluate Full Extent of Assets

Some clients aren’t fully aware of the extent of their assets, thus making it difficult for estate planning attorneys to complete their job. Luckily, database software can reveal all properties that the client might not know about — including personal and business property. Doing this will help make work easier and faster for both the lawyer and the client.

Records searchers also reveal more than just asset information. Lawyers can also access the current location of any heirs they need to track down. Data analysis offers all information on missing heirs, such as phone numbers and addresses. Doing this is helpful when searching for more distant relatives that clients hardly knew existed.

Leverage Data to Enhance Your Law Practice

Are you looking to enhance your practice by tapping into business, personal, and alternative data? Well, it starts with partnering with an expert who can provide case-building data. At Enformion, we aim to accelerate your workflow by offering efficient and accurate data solutions. Contact us today to start leveraging data to speed up investigations, reduce workload, and lower cost in your legal practice.

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