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License Plate Lookup: How to Effectively Run One


Did you know the number of registered vehicles in the U.S.? According to a Statista report, there are more than 276 million cars and trucks on the road. With most adults driving these vehicles, gaining access to a license plate lookup system makes it easier to investigate individuals.

For starters, vehicle sightings give you all the information you might need about an individual. You get to connect people to property and address records once you know where they live or frequently visit. Whether you are looking for a vehicle owner or individuals associated with specific addresses, license plate recognition data is here to help. Today, we take a comprehensive look at the different ways to run a license plate lookup.

Using a Plate Number

Are you looking to find where a vehicle frequents or its specific location at a given time? Well, all you need in such scenarios is the vehicle’s license plate number. When you run the search, you get to see all the different sightings of that vehicle. Also, you can fine-tune the lookup to get you sightings of that car or truck on a specific date.

A personal injury lawyer, for instance, might need to establish that an accident victim was injured at a specific location. Having the license plate number of the involved vehicle can help verify sightings on that particular day. Therefore, you get to know all the information you need about the motor vehicle accident case.

Running a license plate lookup using a plate number helps you identify the most popular sightings, most recent sightings, and the location maps. All of this information can come in handy when dealing with cases such as asset recovery, garaging fraud, repossessions, personal injury, and workers’ compensation.

Using a VIN Number

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a distinctive code given to every manufactured vehicle on the road. It is a 17-character string of numbers and letters with no spaces or the letters 0(o), I (i), and Q(q). All these characters are omitted to avoid any confusion with 1 and 0.

A license plate VIN search is similar to using a plate number, except you have a lot of information about the vehicle. Therefore, this lookup will also get you the most popular sightings, most recent sightings, as well as location sightings on a particular date. Equally, you can get to know the exact time the vehicle was spotted in a specific location.

The license plate VIN lookup comes in handy when performing legal research or in-depth investigations. These sightings are recorded throughout the year, 24/7, making it a reliable source of information. You get to have up-to-date data on vehicle sightings to suit your needs.

Using Address Search

Are you looking to investigate individuals associated with specific addresses? Performing an address search in Enformion’s license plate recognition software gets you this information quickly and effectively. You get to determine vehicle sightings near the address in question.

Luckily, you get the option to search multiple addresses and draw shapes on the location map to customize the results. You can also skip trace a vehicle’s owner, therefore, making it an excellent tool to disprove alibis, investigate arson, and locate witnesses. Law enforcement can use the data collected to scrutinize connections between individuals and criminal rings in specific locations.

Getting Picture Search Results

There are times when you might need to uncover information about the condition of a specific vehicle at a particular time. In such cases, you can conduct a license plate search to retrieve images of the car within a fixed period. This is especially important for insurance claims and accident investigations.

Use Enformion’s License Plate Recognition

Are you looking to run a license plate lookup to help with your research or investigation? Enformion includes a comprehensive public and private records database with all the vehicle sighting information you need. Sign up for a free trial today to search vehicle sightings by address, vehicle (VIN or license plate), or picture.

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