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PHE: Program Integrity and Data Accuracy


Maintaining program integrity is a crucial component of Public Health programs. Having accurate data ensures time is not wasted on outdated information. Enformion’s Person Locator and Household Composition are essential when it comes to tracking, enabling enrollment, renewal, and ensuring only eligible beneficiaries remain in Public Health programs. Some subsets of program populations are notoriously difficult to maintain. 

  1. People on the edges of the economy lack postpaid cellular service, credit cards, bank accounts, and similar inputs for consumer databases. 
  1. Periods of homelessness, nomadic lifestyles, and recent surges of interstate relocations are challenges for maintaining program integrity

      The freeze of normal eligibility churn has impacted program integrity more than one would think. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation suggests as many as 14.2 million people will no longer be eligible once the Public Health Emergency (PHE) ends

      Enformion’s multisource technology provides powerful tools and products to address these integrity challenges for at-risk program subpopulations. Contact us today to learn more.

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