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Protecting Gen Z: Collaborating to Safeguard Youth Online


As technology plays a larger role in our everyday lives, the younger Gen Z population faces unprecedented exposure to adult-oriented activities such as drug use, gambling, and other age-restricted goods and services. The easy accessibility of these activities through digital platforms has raised significant concerns regarding the well-being and safety of our youth. I find myself grappling with the multitude of online platforms(traditional web, Xbox, PlayStation, VR, social media sites, etc.), the various transactional instruments (digital $, robux, V-bux, etc.), and the overall lack of awareness surrounding these tools and their potential impact on the Gen Z’s physical, mental and emotional development. The responsibility of protecting Gen Z online for the future falls on the company decision-makers of today.

The Impact of the Digital Revolution

Gen Z’s exposure to adult-oriented activities can be attributed mainly to the digital revolution and the widespread availability of online platforms. The ease of access to digitally sold goods and services has given rise to an alarming increase in underage participation in activities such as drug use, gambling, and other adult-only pursuits. These activities, previously confined to physical locations and limited accessibility, have now permeated the online world. The digital realm offers anonymity, convenience, and a myriad of transactional instruments, making it all the more challenging for parents and regulators to monitor and control Gen Z’s exposure to such content.

The Effects of Unchecked Exposure

The consequences of this unchecked exposure to adult-oriented activities on Gen Z are far-reaching and deeply concerning. One practical example is the story of Sarah, a 16-year-old girl who unwittingly stumbled upon an online gaming community that promoted real-money gambling. Initially enticed by the allure of excitement and connection, Sarah became trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction and financial loss. Her academic performance suffered, and she withdrew from her family and friends, experiencing a rapid decline in her mental and emotional well-being. Sarah’s story highlights the devastating impact that unregulated access to adult-oriented activities can have on the lives of young individuals.

Collaboration – A Path to Solution:

Addressing the complex problem of Gen Z’s exposure to adult-oriented activities requires collaboration between various stakeholders. The tech industry, regulatory bodies, and identity verification solutions must join forces to create a comprehensive and effective strategy. Technological advancements play a crucial role in developing robust age verification systems that can protect Gen Z from harmful content and transactions. At Enformion, we are leading the way with our innovative Age Verification solution (eAgeComply), which employs artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to accurately verify age and identity. Regulatory bodies must also play their part by establishing and enforcing policies that hold digital platforms accountable for the safety of their users, particularly in relation to age-restricted content and transactions.

Tools For Proper Age Verification

To effectively safeguard the well-being of Gen Z from the potential harms of adult-oriented online activities, robust age verification mechanisms are essential. Age verification solutions involve confirming the age of users before granting them access to age-restricted content or services. Employing effective age verification methods is crucial for preventing underage individuals from engaging in activities that are not suitable for their age group. This layer of protection acts as a gatekeeper, helping to create a safe online environment for young users. 

As mentioned earlier, collaboration among stakeholders is pivotal in implementing a successful age verification strategy. The tech industry must develop and integrate age verification solutions seamlessly into their platforms. Regulatory bodies should work to establish standards and guidelines that ensure age verification practices are consistent and effective across digital platforms.

For this reason among others, Enformion has developed eAgeComply as a tool for improving age verification processes.

eAgeComply – An Age Verification Solution

Enformion’s eAgeComply is an authoritative age verification solution using flexible data inputs, such as phone and name data, to corroborate an individual’s correct age and date of birth (DOB). Leveraging advanced analytics and a comprehensive identity graph, the solution can verify someone’s information to ensure you’re working with individuals who fall into the correct targeted audience. This added level of data validation equips businesses to effectively meet compliance requirements and curtail fraud risks or cyber threats. Given the susceptibility of DOB information to forgery and its arduous correction – this product is an indispensable part of the verification process.

Final Thoughts

As younger generations become increasingly active online, the need for robust age verification processes and online privacy has perhaps never been more paramount. As we collectively address the challenge of protecting Gen Z from harmful content and transactions, incorporating advanced age verification techniques and tools, like eAgeComply, can play a pivotal role in creating a safe online environment. Through the combination of technological advancements, regulatory efforts, and industry collaboration, we can work towards shielding the younger generation from the potential risks associated with adult-oriented online activities and overall data protection.

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