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Real Estate Records: Why You Need to Use a Paid Search Service


A single piece of data can make a huge difference when it comes to skip tracing in the real estate investment market. An investor or attorney can benefit greatly from finding out the owner of a specific property, its assessed value, and any legal descriptions. Although most of this information can be found online, not every community has comprehensive property data on the internet. Today, we take an in-depth look at why you need to use a paid search service — rather than the popular free alternative — to uncover real estate records. Read on to find out more.

Why People Use Free Search Services to Find Real Estate Records

Many people rely on real estate public records when performing a property records search because they are available for free on the internet. There are hundreds of free online links to recorder and assessor offices around the country. In most cases, these online sites can help you uncover public records for different properties across the country and multiple states. However, these public real estate records are quite limited in scope.

What About Using Free National Real Estate Websites?

Although the free national real estate websites seem like an excellent alternative at this time; they face similar drawbacks to real estate public records. Let us take a comprehensive look at Zillow for a better understanding. It is a super beneficial website that helps attorneys and investors determine the current market value of a specific property.

Although sites like Zillow allow you to search for properties and addresses, they don’t connect you to the property owner. Therefore, you have no choice but to keep on digging to find who owns the piece of property that interests you. It can be rather frustrating to have the property location without knowing the owner.

Why You Need Paid Public Records Databases

Looking through free records — whether national real estate websites or local government databases — can be rather time-consuming and counterproductive. For example, finding an owner with properties scattered over multiple states and counties is quite tiring. It is also somewhat easy to miss crucial information that could help your case.

You need a paid public records search to save time and energy in such situations. Skip tracing for real estate is easy and fast with a consolidated database with national coverage. Therefore, using a paid search service will quickly move you to the next step of your project — making deals.

Top Six Reasons for Using a Paid Public Records Search Database

Let us take a quick look at the most critical reasons for using a paid search service instead of the free options.

  • You can only search by address and not name in a state or county database.
  • Most real estate assessor databases aren’t online or free to use.
  • State and county online databases will not link the address to the property owner.
  • Batch skip tracing — an excellent alternative for running multiple searches — isn’t available on local databases.
  • Finding an individual’s entire real estate holdings is tedious because you have to pull nationwide records.
  • Locating all owners of a business or LLC is time-consuming. It might also be impossible to find all business properties of an investment group.

What Do You Get with Enformion’s Real Estate Investor Solutions?

Enformion’s paid databases allow you to do a comprehensive, nationwide property assessment quickly and easily. You get to locate owners of commercial buildings and residential homes with a centralized database containing information on over 98% of adults in the USA. By shifting through billions of property records, you can access valuable data such as:

  • Address history, email addresses, and phone numbers
  • Property records
  • Alternative contact information (family members and close associates)
  • Business contact records
  • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgments

The choice to use a free or paid search service depends on your preference and needs. However, Enformion is here to help ensure realtors and real estate investors can start reaching out to potential investment opportunities much quicker. Contact us today to save time and money with real-time data.

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