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What will I do at Enformion?


Now that we’ve gone through the “why’s” of my joining Enformion, let’s get to the “how’s”.

My first task is to tell our story and then build solutions. Not many people know about Enformion, and its subsidiaries, which have a long, proud history of serving clients in the legal, asset recovery, and private investigator industries. More data scientists, product managers, compliance officers, fraud fighters, researchers, growth officers, marketers, and industry experts should get to know Enformion. I’d like to be your tour guide.

Next, I’m going to help build one of the industry’s only KYB + KYC solutions; it is not enough to simply verify a business. Companies want to know about UBOs, officers, shareholders, and employees. I’m going to help make that happen.

So, how can we work together?

Everyone who requests access is eligible for a free one-week unlimited trial using Enformion’s online search tool. Instead of describing the depth and breadth of our data, how about you take a look for yourself? Submit the form below to claim a one-week unlimited free trial!

I’m also happy to talk to you or put you in touch with one of our experts. Let’s talk about what challenges you are hoping to address. I think you’ll find we can probably help, particularly if you are focused on accurate data for the “underserved”. I look forward to hearing from you and working together!

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