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What is a Business Credit Report?


Enformion has partnered with industry leader Cortera to provide Business Credit Report services to our extensive database and existing set of solutions.

With over 25 years of experience in powering businesses of all sizes and industries, Cortera has the largest database of unique data about private and public companies in North America. With this expanded set of data, Enformion customers can now run Business Credit Reports. Information about a business’ credit health is returned in an easy-to-read report. Information such as industry-specific payment behavior data delivers insights to help predict risk from the point of client acquisition through payment.

This addition to Enformion’s database, with information from over 6,000 sources and 120 billion records about individuals and businesses throughout the U.S., expands the breadth and coverage of services Enformion is able to provide to our customers. In addition, the record growth in Cortera’s data, which is maintained and analyzed using AI and machine learning, provides clients with invaluable tools for making data-informed, business-defining decisions.

The information included in Business Credit Reports, such as the “Cortera Score,” payment and spend behavior – both historically and in the moment – helps you make credit decisions. Another key data point is the Payment Rating. This shows how fast a company has paid its suppliers over the past three months. The “Cortera Score” predicts a company’s future health and credit risk by drawing insights from trends in the company’s purchase behavior, payment history, and business events. Buying behavior shows the amount a company is known to have spent in major categories over the past 12 months to give you insight into the size of the company.

With data from the Business Credit report, you can track spending behaviors and trends across different industries to gain insight into how different types of suppliers are paid in addition to access to legal entities, public records, relevant news, and more:

  • Tax enforcement research
  • Child support enforcement
  • Payroll tax enforcement
  • Medicaid/Social benefits eligibility
  • Permanent support housing

As with our other customizable data solutions, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Enformion partners with you to find the right solution to bring about the most success. We understand the importance of giving the right people access to the right data for them. This organized access to our vast amounts of data allows you to maintain a high level of security and privacy while also saving time and resources.

To learn more about how Enformion’s Business Credit Reports and other data and tools can help provide the information needed for collections, investigations, and other industries, please contact us today!

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