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Cold Case Investigations: Tips to Get Started Now


Cold case investigation needs proper planning, tools, and supplies to achieve your goals. It is best to follow the right processes to achieve what you want. Investigating a cold case isn’t an easy task because the processes can be complicated and time-consuming if you lack the skill, tools, and expertise. This can even be more challenging when dealing with sensitive cases such as homicide investigations. There is no better way than preparing well to enable you to conduct the investigations seamlessly. Here are tips to get you started and help you achieve your goals.

What Is A Cold Case Investigation?

A cold case investigation is when an individual uses the right tools, supplies, and approaches to investigate a case that has gone cold.

How to Conduct a Cold Case Investigation

Get the Right Tools and Supplies

The first step to achieving your goals when conducting a cold case investigation is getting the right tools and supplies. Most cold cases do not thrive because those involved lack the right tools and supplies to find people. Here are several tools you will need to conduct a successful cold case investigation.

  • Police reports
  • Interview reports
  • Evidence from the court
  • Deceased records
  • Witness reports
  • Existing case files

These tools can create a smooth process when conducting a cold case. They will help you acquire more information that will enable you to file a strong case in the long run. Doing this can help you find the culprit quickly, especially when using criminal defense law investigation software.

Collect Enough Evidence

So now that you have the right tools and supplies, including criminal investigation software, you can start conducting the case. Collecting evidence is the first step.

Evidence is vital and determines the success of your cold case. This is why it is imperative to collect concrete evidence to hold a strong case. These may include social media, client reports, and criminal investigation reports. Having the correct information can help you determine the process of the case and what you stand to achieve in the long run.

Contact People Who Might Have Valuable Information

Witnesses add more value to a cold case. They give you information that makes your case more robust and relevant. Even if you have the proper investigative tools, it is imperative to ask witnesses for recorded statements to enable you to gather more information.

The success of this case requires that you get more information from many people who may have more details about the case. However, it is not advisable to approach people without doing due diligence.

It is best to find the relevant people connected to the case and collect their records in the public domain. This can be seamless if you have private or public records software containing updated information about the people you target.

Follow up with the Case Processes to the End

In this step, you need to go back and repeat the first and second steps until the end of the case. This may not be something you want to do because it can be draining, challenging and time-consuming. However, since you want to get it done, it is best to verify the information and gather as much information as possible. This means that you will have to continue gathering new information to monitor the processes to the end of the case.

Get Started with Your Cold Case Investigation Today

It is easier to get started with your case investigation if you have the right tools and supplies and apply the right techniques. This can be more seamless if you invest in criminal investigation software from Enformion. What to know more about conducting successful cold cases? Contact us today to get started.

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