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Products that increase collection efforts and investigations

Accelerate your investigative efforts and increase your collections’ success with our comprehensive data repository, advanced analytics, and innovative technology.

Enformion Collections & Investigations Product Suite

There are three key objectives to the collections and recovery process:

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It sounds simple until you realize that each of these objectives is comprised of multiple tasks/action items (sometimes several dozen) and if just one of these tasks is not done properly – your collection effort can be seriously impeded, or worse yet, fail entirely.

Our Collections products are designed to make complex efforts like debt recovery more efficient, less time-consuming, and most importantly, compliant.

Our Investigative Seat also follows the three objectives above – and like our Collections products, Investigative Seat streamlines and simplifies investigation research through an API platform.

Onboarding, Acquisition, and Verification

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RPC Phone Score

“SIM swap scams netted criminals $68 million in 2021.”

The RPC scoring product uses AI and machine learning to assign a confidence score based on data that correlates a phone number with the primary phone number of a known individual. Outdated or hacked phone numbers are one of the most common issues in debt recovery efforts – the RPC Phone Score reduces your risk by providing data-backed analysis regarding the accuracy and ownership of a phone number.

This product not only saves you time and effort but also ensures you are compliant with any federal regulations, such as the CFPB Regulation F. You can be confident in the RPC Score knowing it is based on current data and insightful analytics.

Underwriting, Data & Process Management

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Propensity Score

Propensity Score is a critical product for financial institutions in identifying through detailed customer analysis, the likelihood to pay or repay a debt. This product gives creditors and collections agencies greater access to data and resources, improving the efficiency, timing, and success of their debt recovery efforts.

The Propensity Score is calculated with real-time, comprehensive data that is evaluated using advanced technologies with intuitive logic, like AI and machine learning. This product gives creditors and collections agencies the ability to prioritize their efforts, concentrating on subjects with a higher likelihood of repayment, thus increasing the quality and volume of their collection attempts.

“A recent study by the CBA shows that, on average, collections have grown faster than the pace of the economy.”

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Skip Tracing

“Urban Institute says 71 million Americans have debt in collections.”

Locating individuals who move from their residences and change their phone numbers without providing any new contact information is a difficult, lengthy, and complicated process. Our Skip Tracing product automates the time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks of identifying the most current phone number and physical address for individuals who have “skipped” out on debt or legal obligation.

Our vast data repository includes over forty years of historical data, as well as data on any person associated with your subject (usually someone with whom they shared an address). Designed to simplify and improve recovery efforts, our Skip Tracing product is a critical tool for collection agencies, real estate investors, and legal professionals who need to track down an individual.

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Investigative Seat

The Investigative Seat is a cloud-based investigative and data research product designed to deliver accurate, contextual information on any individual, even people who make a point of not leaving a digital footprint. It supports your most complex investigative efforts for both current and historical data intelligence, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Investigative Seat gives you access to more than fifty different search channels, providing you with a full 360-degree view of your subject. More than a search engine, our vast database is powered by billions of data records and leverages cutting-edge technology and proprietary algorithms to bring your key research and investigative results together in a convenient, customizable dashboard.

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