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Skip Tracing

Enformion’s skip tracing solutions deliver the most comprehensive borrower and debtor contact information available.

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Right-Party Contact

Save time and reduce labor, data costs, and errors with a single solution and take the next step in your Collections efforts.

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Records Scrubs

Enformion’s cloud-based platform provides easy and convenient access to data, whenever you need it.

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Phone Score & Phone Appends

Phone numbers change constantly. Our phone score and append tools save you time and resources, enabling you to become more efficient in your phone calls, and ultimately collect on more borrower and debtor collection accounts.

Enformion's Phone Appends tool enriches your data and updates automatically whenever a debtor changes their information.

Enformion’s Phone Score gives you the added advantage of identifying the most likely numbers that will be answered by your customers, thus increasing your right-party contact rate.

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First and Third Party Collections

Whether you're in first or third-party collections, debt collectors and collection companies need updated and accurate information to collect on your debts. Enformion ensures you get the data you need to connect with people in less time, contact the right person, and collect on your debts quicker, saving you time and money.

Flexible data provider with a powerful investigative platform

We work with our customers to design a customized solution for their needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  Our breadth of public and proprietary big data, with more than 20 years of history, allows us to build a powerful matching algorithm with a constant focus on enhancing coverage, accuracy, and freshness of our data.

Accounts Receivable Management

Enformion’s API solutions, batch processing, and skip tracing tools can make every part of a collection agency's Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) process run more smoothly.

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  • Maintain updated contact and location information
  • Scalable, customizable solutions
  • Batch options for large amounts of information
  • Individual search capability

Increase your profit margin with better information

For your business to make money, you need to have the best possible contact information. Right-party contacts are your goal. We deliver fast service, widely-encompassing information, and quality results to ensure this.

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  • 97% accuracy
  • 120 seat licenses
  • 1.2 million location records/year
  • 30,000 unique SSN's/month

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Enformion offer for the Collections industry?

Our powerful set of data and solutions includes: Skip Tracing, Right-Party Contact, Records Scrubs, Phone and Address Appends solutions to deliver the most comprehensive contact information available. Save time and reduce labor and data costs with a single solution and take the next step in your consumer credit, consumer debt, and credit card debt collections efforts.

How can I access Enformion’s data?

All of our data is available via the Cloud-based Platform, Batch, or API with customizable options from one of our data experts.

What type of information does Enformion offer?

Enformion offers information to help debt buyers and those in first-party collections and third-party collections. Such information includes current and past names, employment records, phone numbers, current and past address records, assets, deceased records, bankruptcy records, tax liens, foreclosures, and judgments.

How can Enformion assist in skip tracing?

With our data, you can find someone’s current place of employment, discover whether someone is living with relatives, ask additional questions about an individual or track down deceased records to increase the likelihood of repayment.

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