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Append Addresses with Enformion

Whenever you need accurate and up-to-date address information about a lot of people at once, appending your contact list through Enformion can help you to get the job done fast.

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Accurate – Efficient – Cost-Effective

Up-to-date address appends to help solve your return mail problem instantly.

Our automated batch processing solution delivers back the best address available for the consumer you are looking for.

  • Up to 5 current and previous addresses
  • Dates associated with each address
  • USPS standardized for delivery
  • CASS certified

Address appending is useful for a number of reasons, not the least of which is ensuring right-party contact. With Enformion, you can use address appending to its fullest and grow your collections business even further.

Contacting an individual through the mail system is a useful way to make first contact and required by law after an initial contact. Whether by mail, phone or some other means, address appending with Enformion will allow you to make that written contact successfully.

  • You can’t always rely on the address a creditor provides, and most debtors won’t be keen to provide you with their information directly.
  • If you don’t have the right information, you may be sending out undeliverable letters or not meeting your legal requirements.
  • Allow Enformion to give you options and help you reach everyone you need to reach. Our batch processing and API solutions allow for speedy address appends.

More Efficient Mailings

Missteps through the postal system can be much more detrimental because it can take much longer to receive an undeliverable message back through the mail. You can use Enformion to help cut down on those mistakes.

  • Cutting down on your outreach time is extremely important when it comes to the mail because it’s more high-risk.
  • When you have availability to a database of information, you don’t have to try and find someone’s address on your own.
  • With over 6,000 sources of information available through Enformion, you know you’re getting quality knowledge.

Get All Your Information at Once

Traditionally, debt collectors would have to hunt people down individually, spending time and money on each person before contacting that individual. This can still definitely work, but it’s extremely hard to handle. It’s almost impossible once your business starts growing beyond a point where you can easily handle those searches on your own.

  • Hunting down addresses can be tough work, and doing it without any additional tools can be nearly impossible.
  • The more time you spend hunting down someone’s address, the less you’re making on each case.
  • Enformion allows you to take advantage of batch processing options to get the right address for all your clients in one fell swoop.
  • With Enformion’s continuous monitoring, you can keep tabs on any debtors that may be at high risk for trying to leave without paying.

Work Smarter, Work Efficiently

Automation equates to improve efficiency, reduced costs and fewer errors. Enformion gives your business the ability to maximize margins.

  • Address appending gives you the ability to turn your list of debtors into an actionable list that you can use to find the people your business relies on.
  • When you use automated services for address appending, you can focus more on other parts of your business.
  • Rather than trying to track people down in an antiquated way, let Enformion show you the most efficient way to append data to your accounts.



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The State of Third-Party Collections 2019: Challenges, Trends and Innovations

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