Debt Recovery Assessment

Debt Recovery Assessment with Enformion

When it comes to debtors, you have to perform a debt recovery assessment to determine probability of payment.

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Debt Recovery Assessment with Enformion

An important part of debt recovery is actually assessing the targets for your debt recovery. When you use Enformion for debt collection and recovery, you will effectively move towards a streamlined process that gives you more time to work on the things that matter most.

Assess and Segment

Prioritization is an incredibly important part of debt collection. You don’t want to expend all of your resources. Instead, you want to utilize at least part of your resources to track down individuals who are easier to find while also still looking for people who really want to stay hidden.

  • It’s important that you know who to target first so you can allocate your resources properly.
  • With the right tools, you can target easy-to-find people differently than people you’ll have a harder time locating.
  • With Enformion, you can utilize batch processing to return general information results on people you believe you’ll be able to locate easily.

Payment and Propensity

On the other side of a debt recovery assessment is determining who can actually pay off their debt. An assessment can figure this out by looking at a number of negative indicators (bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.) as well as positive indicators (assets, property owned, etc.).

Enformion can help to analyze all of the available indicators to help you figure out who is more able to pay.

Accurate – Efficient – Cost-Effective

The more you know upfront about the consumer the better. Enformion gives you that edge. Identify public record data for special handling teams:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Judgments and Liens
  • Deceased records

Accurate and current contact information through batch processing, receive the best results:

  • Best phones with dates, phone type
  • Phone scoring
  • Best address that is unique to your input address

Enformion Data for the added edge over others

  • Spouse, relatives and associates, along with their phone numbers
  • Property data and assets
  • Workplace data

Monitoring Changes – Addresses, Phones and More

It’s extremely important that you always pay attention to the debtors you’re chasing. Even if you currently have the proper notification information for certain individuals, you never know when that information could unexpectedly change.

  • Automation makes sure you don’t have to spend your time and energy tracking down debtors and ensuring that you always have access to them.
  • Utilize your resources wisely gives you more time to focus on the things you have to do on your own, like actually contacting people and collecting.
  • Enformion has built-in capabilities for continuous monitoring, which means you essentially automate this task.

Customizing and Prioritizing Your Workload

What’s the most important thing to do as a collections agent? This answer can vary tremendously between individual collections agents. That’s why the actual answer to this question is customizing the way you work. You don’t want your work pigeonholed into the way a certain company thinks is best for your work. You want to use Enformion to customize the way you work so it fits your style.

  • Personalized approach to your business
  • Customizable approach to your business your approach is a good
  • Receive the best information from the best sources

Enformion delivers on both quality, offering data from exclusive sources and has enough data to help you trace anyone.  With Enformion’s state-of-the-art linking algorithms, you can follow over 42 billion public records to the individual you’re looking for.



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