First-Party Collections Software


Right-party contact solutions for efficient debt recovery.

First-Party Debt Collections with Enformion

Having accurate, thorough data and streamlined processes helps in-house collections departments and debt collectors to be more effective and efficient.


Improve right-party contact rates
Verify individuals and businesses
Reduce manual investigative research
Close cases faster, saving time and money on bad debts

Keep collections in-house

When you outsource anything, you often reduce your profit and increase the time spent doing it. The same thing holds true with collections. Most debt collector companies outsource collections, however, because it seems like the only realistic option. The thing is, creating a dedicated collections arm within your company is possible with Enformion.

  • The biggest edge third-party collections agencies have over your company is information.
  • Third-party collection agencies build their reputations on having as much information as possible.
  • With Enformion on your side, you won’t suffer from a lack of information; you have access to billions of public records covering nearly every adult in the United States.

Increase your profit margin with better information

For your business to make money, you need to have the best possible contact information. Right-party contacts are your goal. We deliver fast service, widely-encompassing information, and quality results to ensure this.

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  • 97% accuracy
  • 120 seat licenses
  • 1.2 million location records/year
  • 30,000 unique SSN's/month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is first-party collection?

There are typically two ways to handle credit accounts that go unpaid. You can either send them to a third-party collection company, which will attempt to collect the debt on your behalf, or you can send them to an internal first-party collection branch to keep the debt collection process in-house.

Who can benefit from first-party collection?

First-party collection is beneficial for any agency that needs to collect on debts and wants to minimize costs by allowing them to keep the process within their own organization rather than hiring a third-party service.

What does first-party collection do for a company?

One of the major benefits of first-party collection is that you have more control over your client relationships. When you try to collect on debts in-house, there’s more of a possibility that you’ll be able to maintain your relationship with your client. A third-party collection agency doesn’t give you that amount of control.

What do I need to get started doing first-party collection in my own company?

First-party collections can be easier than third-party collections, but only if you’re able to get access to the same quality tools that third party collections companies have access to. With a high-quality public records search engine like Enformion, you can draw from over 120 billion records, sourced from over 6,000 sources, for the information you’re looking for so that your in-house collection agency can function more effectively.

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Cloud-based Platform

Enformion's cloud-based platform provides easy and convenient access to data, whenever you need it.

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