Enformion for Batch Phone Appends

Use phone appends to enrich your data and turn your existing accounts into right-party contacts.

Phone Score and Appends Solutions

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Phone scoring capability
Cover as many people as possible
Develop good information from a weak starting point
Keeping your data up-to-date

Increase your Right-Party Contact rates with better phone data and contact information

Enformion Right-Party Contact solutions use automated batch processing for high-volume searches at a highly competitive per hit price, while also saving time and reducing labor and data costs.

For collection agencies, one of the most important things you can do is make sure you have accurate phone information for each person you’re trying to contact. With Enformion, there’s a way you can use phone appends to enrich your data and turn your existing accounts into right-party contacts.

Our Phone Search delivers:

  • The best 3 phones, phone type, and phone score
  • Dates associated with each phone number

Phone Score

Enformion’s Phone Score gives you the added advantage of identifying the most likely numbers that will be answered by your customers, increasing your right-party contact rate.

Debt collection is easiest when you have a significant amount of data to determine not only the collectability of an account but also to ensure that you are contacting the right individual. That’s where Enformion’s phone score capability can help.

  • With our phone scoring, you can rank order all the phones returned in a batch process to bring to the top the best phone number for an individual.
  • Reduce your wrong party contacts by not dialing the lowest scoring phones, which may belong to another individual due to reassignment of the phone number.
  • Save time and resources by being more efficient, and allow your teams to collect on more accounts.

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Batch Processing

Update large amounts of data quickly and easily with our batch appending option.

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Enformion API

Our API solutions allow you to integrate software systems for in-depth searches and display custom results using your own existing applications. 

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Cloud-based Platform

Enformion’s cloud-based platform provides easy and convenient access to data, whenever you need it.

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