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Records Scrub

Our record scrub solutions can make your debt collection efforts much simpler.

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As a collection agency, you need to have records scrub for deceased, litigious, and bankruptcy records to not waste time collecting uncollectible debts. Record scrubbing improves efficiency, allowing you to bring in more cases and maximize profits.

Enformion delivers the best results with solutions tailored for your needs

Manual record scrubbing can take up much of your business time, so investing in record scrub software is a smart move.

With our Records Scrub Software, you can lower legal risk and optimize your debt collection resources by leveraging deceased, bankruptcy, litigious debtor, and other information sources. The software ensures you remain compliant, avoiding lawsuits and other negative impacts. It also helps you save time and money by not working on “dead files.” Our record scrub solutions can make your debt collection efforts much simpler.

Bankruptcy Records

Enformion’s bankruptcy records scrub helps you go through your records quickly and automatically update them so you know if a debtor has a bankruptcy record.

Deceased Records

Collecting on a deceased account can be difficult. Our solutions ensure you have the information you need in order to best proceed in your collections efforts.

Litigious Debtor

Avoiding litigious debtors is an important piece of the puzzle for Collection agencies. Let us help you get the data you need.

Bankruptcy Records

People can file for bankruptcy at any time. So one can file between the time you get the records and the time you put in a collection request. Routine checks can help you avoid legal and regulatory issues that may arise and ensure you’re only collecting on collectible debts. Our Bankruptcy Records Scrub automatically updates records, helping you know if a consumer has a bankruptcy record, file, or case.

Our detailed bankruptcy scrub process returns all the data needed to validate an individual’s bankruptcy, including:

  • Case number, BK status date, chapter, closing date
  • Disposition-Dismissed-Discharged
  • Assets
  • Attorney name, address, and phone number
  • Court name and address

Deceased Records Scrubs

Sadly, some people pass away with debts. But unless you’re aware of this, you’ll keep contacting the person trying to recover the monies owed. As a result, you may end up with consumer complaints and violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also, if you falsely identify an account, you could misallocate resources and miss a revenue opportunity.

Enformion’s Deceased Records Scrub provides access to death records, giving you real-time data to help you decide on the best move. With such data at hand, you’ll know whether to move on or retrieve money from the deceased property. We also provide tools to help you group consumer lists based on different criteria for easy handling.

Our data sources return:

  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Individual’s full name
  • State and ZIP code of last residence
  • Address where the Social Security Administration sent the death benefit payment

Litigious Debtor Scrub

With the current litigious business environment, businesses need to deploy all the available resources to mitigate the risk and eliminate lawsuits, especially frivolous ones. Our Litigious Debtor Scrub identifies debtors who have previously initiated litigation with other debt collectors and creditors. With such insights as part of your regular document processing workflow, you can automatically notify your collection system to alter workflow or limit communication.

We also provide data to help you contact the right person the first time. This minimizes consumer complaints and resulting lawsuits. Litigation Debtor Scrub lets you proactively identify and monitor consumers who file lawsuits in state and federal courts, helping you mitigate risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Record Scrubs do you offer?

Enformion provides Records Scrub Software that intelligently analyzes your consumer data, identifies litigious, deceased, and bankrupt users, and updates your collection system at the account level. These three Record Scrubs may prevent the repayment of debts owed or need special treatment in a collection environment. When not identified or correctly handled, deceased records, litigious consumers, and bankruptcy filings can have monetary impacts on businesses.

What is a Bankruptcy Scrub?

Our Bankruptcy Records Scrub helps you scan through updated records to know if a debtor has a bankruptcy filing, record, or case. The record presents a range of data, including case number, BK status date, chapter, closing date, Disposition-Dismissed-Discharged phone number, address, court name, attorney name, and assets.

What information is included in a Deceased Records Scrub?

Enformion’s Deceased Records scrub ensures you’re not pursuing debtors who’ve passed away. Our records scrub helps you identify death records, so you can prepare to deal with wills and estates.

What is a Litigious Debtor Scrub?

Enformion works with key partners to process your file and identify debtors with a track record of lawsuits and complaints. We’ll also provide data to avoid contacting the wrong person, thereby limiting the chances of consumer complaints and lawsuits.

What’s the importance of clean consumer information?

Our system scrubs all accounts before any collection efforts happen. Having clean consumer information means you can focus your energy and resources on the right accounts. Record scrub lets you find and validate the most accurate consumer contact details. You want to use the best available data to make the collection process efficient.

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