Right-Party Contact

In collections, time is money.  Reaching a right-party contact efficiently saves time and therefore, money.  It’s important to contact every debtor as quickly as possible and secure an acceptable arrangement.

Right-Party Contact Solutions

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Reduce the number of outbound calls
Cover as many people as possible
Discover more about your debtors
Keeping your data up-to-date

How Can Enformion Facilitate Right-Party Contact?

Enformion’s Right-Party Contact solutions give you the results to help locate debtors more quickly, efficiently and increase your right-party contact rates.

The ability to locate debtors quickly plays a huge part in collection efficiency and how successful an agency can end up becoming. Enformion can help you maximize the time you spend talking to actual potential payers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is right-party contact?

“Right-party contact” describes contact information that puts you into contact with the person you think you’re talking to. It ensures that you’re talking to the right people so you don’t spend days or weeks trying to track down the wrong individual.

What do I need to ensure a right-party contact?

To ensure right-party contact, you need access to up-to-date information. Whether an individual has intentionally skipped town or you’re just seeing old contact information, a public records search can ensure the information is accurate.

How does right-party contact benefit Collections?

Right-party contact reveals contact information about an individual so that you can contact them about collecting debt in whatever method is legally required. Right-party contact will give someone’s address, email address, phone number, and other methods of contact.

How can I ensure right-party contact for my company?

Right-party contact that’s easy to access can help your collection agency save time, money, and effort in every case. It’s important that your collection agency has the high-quality tools it needs for better research and contact information. With solutions from Enformion, you can upgrade your collection agency’s ability to maintain right-party contact.

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