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Reaching a right-party contact efficiently saves time and money.  It’s important to contact every debtor as quickly as possible to secure an acceptable arrangement.

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Accurate – Efficient – Cost Effective

Enformion Right-Party Contact uses automated batch processing for high-volume searches at a highly competitive per-hit rate. Save time, reduce labor, data costs, and errors with a single solution.

Enformion’s Right-Party Contact solution includes:

  • Best three phones with phone type
  • Phone scoring

Plus, the ability to scrub:

  • Phones and addresses
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Deceased records
  • And more

How Can Enformion Facilitate Right-Party Contact?

The ability to locate debtors quickly plays a huge part in collection efficiency and how successful a collection agency ends up becoming. Right-party contact is your business’s ability to connect with the person responsible for payment of the debt.

Enformion can help you can maximize the time you spend talking to    actual potential payers.

Reducing the Number of Outbound Calls

If your business experiences low right-party contact rates, you’re going to end up with large numbers of unproductive calls. Outbound calls that don’t lead to contact with the right person are expensive and don’t fully utilize your most expensive asset: your people. Enformion can help you connect with your debtors as quickly as possible.

  • An important part of being more profitable is cutting down on the amount of time you spend on each account.
  • Reducing outbound calls to wrong numbers boosts your profits and reduces your exposure to third-party complaints.
  • Instead of dialing unproductive phone numbers, you can enrich your data with the right contact information by using Enformion’s batch processing options.

Discovering More About Your Debtors

Persistent debtors may change phone numbers, addresses, workplaces and much more to avoid having to pay. Enformion can help you locate debtors even if they’ve taken extreme measures to try to disappear.

  • It can be hard to find someone who’s actively avoiding the debts you’re trying to collect on.
  • Instead of trying to find information about someone on your own, automated options can help you do it in less time.
  • The skip tracing technology at Enformion gives you the ability to find people in a number of different ways.

Keeping Your Data Up-to-Date

Up-to-date data is a necessity when you’re trying to collect on a debt. It doesn’t matter how accurate your information was at one point; people’s personal and contact information can change constantly. Enformion provides the up-to-date data your company needs.

  • Keeping your information current will make sure that you’re able to contact individuals in a timely manner.
  • Manually skip tracing large volumes of accounts makes this difficult, requiring lots of searching and busywork.
  • Enformion offers API options, letting you integrate certain types of data into your existing software seamlessly.
  • You can also enrich your data with the right contact information by using Enformion’s batch processing options, which can append the best available contact data to your accounts systemically.

Covering as Many People as Possible

There are over 200 million adults in the United States. You need a source of information that can provide you with accurate contact information regardless of whom in that group you’re targeting. Enformion skip tracing tools make reaching right-party contacts simpler.

  • Collection agencies need to find good addresses and contact numbers for many debtors.
  • You don’t need multiple vendors or an information database that only has information for a very small number of people.
  • Enformion provides in-depth information about millions of American adults, from over 6,000 data sources.

Increasing Your Profit Margins With Better Information

For your business to make money, you need to have the best possible contact information. It doesn’t matter whether you’re locating debtors for mailing or a phone conversation, your business depends on being able to speak with the correct person. Right-party contacts are your goal. Fast service, widely encompassing information, and quality results all matter in this industry. Enformion is able to deliver.

  • Getting in touch with the right person as quickly as possible increases your profit margins.
  • If you’re able to utilize the best information available, you can make it easier to collect on your debts.
  • From small businesses lending out small amounts of money to huge retail chains looking to collect on thousands of dollars from hundreds of people, Enformion has a solution for everyone.



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