Right-Party Contact

Right-Party Contact

In collections, time is money.  Reaching a right-party contact efficiently saves time and therefore, money.  It’s important to contact every debtor as quickly as possible and secure an acceptable arrangement.

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Connecting with debtors quickly will help your company save time while reducing data and labor costs. Through right-party contact (RPC), you get to maximize profits, thus safeguarding your bottom line. Enformion’s right-party contact product can help you succeed by increasing efficiency in your collection process.

Right-Party Contact

Reduce the number of outbound calls
Cover as many people as possible
Discover more about your debtors
Keeping your data up-to-date

How Can Enformion Facilitate Right-Party Contact?

Several industries – including repossession, law enforcement, collections, and investigators – rely on right-party contact to connect with their customers. It ensures you are reaching out to the right person, whether it’s for unveiling exciting news or tracking down a debtor. However, tracing customers traditionally through employers or relatives can be rather tedious, time-consuming, unreliable, and expensive. There is a need for a more streamlined process that can guarantee right-party contact.

Right-party contact software by Enformion utilizes automated batch processing that enhances high-volume searches at a cost-effective price. Your business can save time while reducing errors, data costs, and labor. It is a single solution that offers accuracy, efficiency, and affordability. Enformion’s right-party contact solution offers the following:

  • Phone scoring
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Phones and addresses
  • Best three phones and types
  • Deceased records
  • And much more

Reduce number of outbound calls

You waste a lot of time and resources when most of your calls are unproductive due to a low right-party contact rate. Your staff wastes precious time making outbound calls that don’t establish contact with the right person. Therefore, making the wrong person contact means your most expensive asset is not being fully utilized – your people.

For example, collection agencies need to establish right-party contact to increase debt collection. It is impossible to close these accounts if you do not connect with the right individual responsible for the debt. Enformion utilizes addresses searches and phone appends to guarantee you are always reaching out to the right person. Doing this reduces the number of outbound calls, thus saving you a lot of time and resources.

Learn more about your debtors

Some debtors frequently change their phone numbers, workplaces, and addresses to avoid clearing their accounts. Although most companies end up labeling such accounts as ‘uncollectible, this shouldn’t be the case. Right-party contact ensures you can effectively track down such individuals.

Enformion’s skip tracing technology ensures you can discover more about debtors in different ways. Here is a comprehensive look at the amount of data our in-depth solution can provide:

  • Asset and property ownership data
  • Spouse, associates, and relatives’ connections
  • Deep history data
  • Risk indicators including liens, bankruptcy, and judgments

Keep your data up-to-date

Although your data may be accurate today, it is not guaranteed to stay that way. People keep on changing their personal contact information for several reasons. Therefore, it is vital to maintain an up-to-date database.

Enformion utilizes more than 120 billion records from over 6,000 sources to ensure your company keeps up-to-date contact information. Leveraging Enformion’s right-party contact software, therefore, helps you close cases easily and avoid time-wasting.

Increase Profit Margins

Speaking to the correct person is essential in ensuring your business makes money. Having reliable and up-to-date contact information, therefore, needs to be a priority. Equally, it is much easier to function as a business when you get in touch with the right person.

Using Enformion’s right-party contact software is the first step towards increasing customer satisfaction, handling debt collection quickly, and maintaining a healthy relationship with your consumers.

Who Needs Right-Party Contact Software?

Every business can benefit from right-party contact software. Because you are connecting with consumers, it is vital to reach out to the right audience. Doing this gets you high-quality leads that are easy to convert – regardless of your industry.

However, certain industries rely on right-person contact software for daily operations. These include health care and collections in managing member identity intelligence and debt collection respectively. It is vital to make right-party contact when dealing in such areas with high risk and reward.

Right-party contact is vital for the success of your business. Using Enformion’s right-party contact software ensures you increase profit margins, keep updated data, learn more about your debtors, and reduce the number of outbound calls. Ensure you contact us today to save time while reducing data and labor costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is right-party contact?

“Right-party contact” describes contact information that puts you into contact with the person you think you’re talking to. It ensures that you’re talking to the right people so you don’t spend days or weeks trying to track down the wrong individual.

What do I need to ensure a right-party contact?

To ensure right-party contact, you need access to up-to-date information. Whether an individual has intentionally skipped town or you’re just seeing old contact information, a public records search can ensure the information is accurate.

How does right-party contact benefit Collections?

Right-party contact reveals contact information about an individual so that you can contact them about collecting debt in whatever method is legally required. Right-party contact will give someone’s address, email address, phone number, and other methods of contact.

How can I ensure right-party contact for my company?

Right-party contact that’s easy to access can help your collection agency save time, money, and effort in every case. It’s important that your collection agency has the high-quality tools it needs for better research and contact information. With solutions from Enformion, you can upgrade your collection agency’s ability to maintain right-party contact.

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