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Enformion’s powerful skip tracing product fast-tracks your investigations.

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Our skip tracing products allow first- and third-party collection agencies to find and track debtors by running information through public or private search engine databases.

Skip Tracing Solutions

Skip tracing is the process of locating someone who has “skipped” town for whatever reason, leaving absolutely no information regarding where they are currently residing. Our skip tracing solutions allow first- and third-party collection agencies to find and track debtors by running information through public or private search engine databases.

The possibilities to locate the data you are looking for in a complete skip trace search are far-reaching. You can search by name, address, phone, SSN, DOB, and more.

With skip tracing services available through Batch, API, or our Online Web Search Platform, Enformion delivers the best results with the following information:

  • Accurate phone numbers with dates and phone type
  • Current address
  • 40+ year historical data

Data on over 98% of the U.S. Adult Population

When you need to locate a hard-to-find individual, or skip trace, you need up-to-date data to actually locate them. Data such as phone numbers, emails, address history, assets, utilities, relatives, and more. Enformion offers skip tracing services that include all of this data and more to put you in contact with over 98% of adults in America.

With Enformion’s collections tools, debt buyers and collections agencies can increase their skip tracing efficiency and:

  • Locate hard-to-find individuals
  • Increase right-party contact rates
  • Improve debt collections process
  • Verify and confirm the identities of individuals & businesses
  • Reduce manual investigative research
  • Lessen fraud and enhance risk management

Up-to-date and thorough Data

One of the most effective tools for skip tracers is up-to-date and thorough data. Even your existing data sets which you previously relied on may be out of date. Enformion aggregates billions of public and private records, including unbanked data and utility records, to offer immediate results.

Such up-to-date data is an incredibly important tool that can help you manage your cases more easily and avoid wasting time trying to reach outdated contacts. Leverage Enformion’s in-depth solutions to find even more data:

  • Spouse, relatives, and associate’s connections
  • Property ownership and asset data
  • Risk indicators such as bankruptcy, liens, and judgments
  • Deep historical data to help you skip more efficiently

Batch Skip Tracing

Most collection agencies handle thousands of records and need to skip trace large batches of debtors at once. Enformion offers batch processing, allowing for the ability to append data to many records at once.

We offer many solutions, customized to your needs whether it’s single searches or high-volume batch processing and batch skip tracing tools. When you partner with Enformion, you are armed with strong tools through a public records search engine to create an effective and streamlined skip tracing collections process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is skip tracing software?

Skip tracing software allows someone to find and track persons of interest, find witnesses, and other individuals by running information through a public or private search engine database. Skip tracing software can provide even more than simple location and contact data. The best skip tracing software will allow the user to run batch skip tracing and search a high volume of names at once.

How can Enformion assist in skip tracing?

With our data, you can find someone’s current place of employment, discover whether someone is living with relatives, perform due diligence, ask additional questions about an individual or track down deceased records.

Who can use skip tracing software?

Skip tracing software is used by law firms, private investigators, bounty hunters, debt collection agencies, and even real estate agents. Larger companies or firms may want to utilize batch skip tracing that connects via an API and can search a high volume of names at once.

What information does skip tracing software include?

Skip tracing software reveals a person’s details such as address history, phone numbers, relatives, associates, and their contact information. Using skip tracing software that offers immediate results and utilizes real-time data directly from the Credit Bureau is a great way to avoid issues with out-of-date data.

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