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Enformion’s powerful skip tracing solution fast-tracks your investigations.

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Accurate – Efficient – Cost-Effective

Enformion’s skip tracing solutions deliver the most accurate and comprehensive contact information available.

Through Batch, API, and the Online Web Search Platform, Enformion delivers the best results with:

  • Accurate phone numbers, with dates and phone type
  • Current address
  • 40+ year historical data

Search by name, address, phone, SSN, DOB, and more. The possibilities to access the data you are looking for in a complete skip tracing solution are far-reaching.

Leverage our in-depth solutions to find more data:

  • Spouse, relatives and associate’s connections
  • Property ownership and asset data
  • Risk indicators such as bankruptcy, liens, judgments
  • Deep historical data to help you skip more efficiently.

With Enformion’s skip tracing solution, you will:

  • Locate hard-to-find individuals
  • Advance your right party contact rates
  • Improve your collections process
  • Verify and confirm the identities of individuals & businesses
  • Reduce manual investigative research
  • Solve your cases faster to save time and money
  • Lessen fraud and enhance risk management
  • Append your data to complete the profile of your investigation

If someone’s skipped town, leaving absolutely no information regarding where they are currently residing, most previous contact information is yesterday’s news. Only the most current information is really valuable when collecting bad debt. That’s where skip tracers come in to help track down the most current information on individuals and collect their debts.

With Enformion’s collections tools, you can increase your skip tracing efficiency and find people no matter where they are.

Working Through Skip Tracing More Effectively

Before the Internet, skip tracing was much more difficult. Skip tracing worked more like private investigation: people had to physically hunt these individuals down, often by asking questions and trying to find close relatives and associates who may know more. With powerful online solutions like Enformion, the process of finding someone has become much easier.

  • You may need to find information about someone’s current or past addresses, landline or mobile phone numbers, and even relatives or close associates.
  • Even if you have to find someone the old-fashioned way, discovering information about someone’s social circle will make it easier to find additional information about an individual.
  • Products available through Enformion allow you to trace a person using a variety of information.

Understanding the Reasons for Skipping Town

Sometimes people skip town because they’re intentionally avoiding certain consequences. Those consequences may include legal action, social reactions or debt collectors. Someone may just decide to move on a whim and pack up all of a sudden, leaving nothing behind. Enformion can help in both cases.

  • If moving comes with other changes, such as a change in phone number or even a name change, it can be difficult to find that individual. Enformion provides up-to-date contact information instantly.
  • Regardless of how much information you have or how much information has changed, Enformion can help.

Using Only the Best Information

If you use subpar information, you’ll get subpar results. Enformion allows you to maximize your results. Our database includes over 42 billion public records, which can get you results like an individual’s relatives and closest associates, place of employment, landline and mobile contact information and most recent location. Plus, Enformion pulls from over 6,000 public and private data sources to aggregate the maximum amount of information.

Rather than providing a single solution, Enformion gives you a customizable solution to utilize the data in your very own way.



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Talk with a specialist today to learn how Enformion can help to customize a solution that’s right for you.

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