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Third-party debt collection companies can be more effective and efficient with streamlined processes and accurate data.

Third-Party Collections with Enformion

Most companies consider sending the far overdue debt to third-party collection agencies. Doing this ensures they can close delinquent accounts faster and easier. However, third-party collection agencies are only good at what they do thanks to public and private records search engines.


Perform Skip Tracing with Ease

Some debtors have a terrible habit of avoiding debt by skipping town. Therefore, it is almost impossible to collect on the debt because it becomes challenging to contact that person. Most of these debts are essentially deemed uncollectible.

Luckily, Enformion offers state-of-the-art skip tracing tools that can help you track down individuals who are intentionally hiding or have changed their contact. Doing this also saves you time because you don't need to track people manually through employers and relatives. Instead, you get to access all up-to-date contact information through our high-quality public and private records search engine.

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  • Some individuals skip town, thus making them no longer contactable.
  • Traditional tracking methods through relatives and employers can be tedious and time-consuming.
  • Enformion offers skip tracing tools to help you locate these individuals.

Remove Truly Uncollectible Records

Third-party collection agencies can't legally collect on some accounts – including when an individual declares bankruptcy or is deceased. Therefore, it is vital to get third-party collection software that can alert you on such accounts. Doing this saves you time and resources while keeping you compliant.

Enformion helps you separate uncollectible records by checking for death records, bankruptcy, and more. Therefore, you can remove these records and focus on records that can pay off.

  • Some records might be legally uncollectible due to bankruptcy or death.
  • Separating these records should be a priority for third-party collection agencies.
  • Enformion's public records search engine streamlines the collection process by removing such records.

Get Accurate Contact Information

The first step in debt collection is getting the right contact information. However, that contact information should come from more than one source. Having the phone number or email address alone might not do you much good when it comes to debt collection.

It is best to have accurate, thorough contact information. Enformion's public records search engine includes addresses searches and phone appends to ensure you make right-party contact.

  • Contact information is all you have when it comes to third-party collections.
  • You have to contact a person in multiple ways before collecting on a debt
  • Enformion utilizes address searches and phone appends to get you all the contact information you need.

Researching the Company Your Third-party Collection Agency is Working for

Researching who you are tracking down is as important as researching the company giving you work. Doing this helps you mitigate corporate risk and stay compliant. Something that is vital for both large and small corporations.

With Enformion's public records search engine you can look into a company before accepting the task of debt collection. You get to establish that you are getting records from a reputable company.

  • Third-party collection agencies have to research their clients.
  • Therefore, you get assurance that you are working for a reputable company.
  • Enformion helps you conduct thorough research on the company contracting you.

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