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Corporations and nonprofits require a lot of information about a wide variety of people. See how Enformion’s far-reaching records can help you get that information.

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What Corporations and Nonprofits Can Gain from Enformion

Many different groups can benefit from people’s data, including corporations and nonprofits. Such information can help corporations and nonprofit groups perform more efficiently in day-to-day operations.

Until you see it for yourself, you may not even know what you’re missing out on without using Enformion to gather that information. These are just a few of the ways Enformion may be able to help to boost the effectiveness of your corporation or nonprofit organization.

Learning More About Your Current Patrons

One thing companies can always benefit from is learning more about their customers. Whether you’re selling a product, providing a service, or offering nonprofit benefits, you can benefit by learning more about the people who currently give you support. That’s where Enformion can help you boost your corporation or nonprofit.

  • When you have patrons, you know you’re already doing something right to bring people in; you just need to determine what it is. And then use that to keep your existing patrons, as well as attract new ones.
  • Even if you’re a nonprofit, the people who donate to your cause are still customers, and you should use treat them with the same care a company would treat a customer.
  • You want to know what your customers are like, and you want to be able to use that information to increase customer satisfaction.

Reaching Out to New People

No business can survive exclusively on its current patrons. You need to reach out. Whether you’re trying to see who wants to purchase your product, or you want to know who may be interested in donating to your cause, you need to be able to generate leads and understand how to reach out most effectively. When it comes time to reach out, you can use Enformion to do so.

  • It’s important that you’re able to reach out to new people and grow your corporation or nonprofit.
  • Before you get on the phone and call new people, you want to make sure you’re calling people who are open to your corporation or nonprofit’s mission.
  • When you use Enformion’s identity verification services, you can make sure you’re only calling real people who are representing themselves faithfully.

Analyzing Fraud and Catching Problems Early

No one wants to deal with fraud. But once your business expands past a certain point, it’s almost certain that you’ll deal with some form of it. Fraud can hit nonprofits especially hard, which may make you worry about how you’re going to tackle fraud when it arises. If you’re able to use Enformion to deal with it successfully, however, you’ll be able to keep growing without fear.

  • When you catch problems early, you don’t have to worry about those problems coming back to bite you later.
  • Mitigating risk means learning about fraud, so you can stop it before it even happens.
  • Enformion offers real-time Risk Alerts, which can notify your corporation or nonprofit about potential threats, from either inside or outside the organization.

Maintaining Up-to-Date Customer Records

Every company needs to make sure they have access to up-to-date customer records. Many groups, for example, send out an email newsletter, and if someone’s email address changes, those records no longer hit the intended target. If you’re reaching out to current customers (as you should be), you need to use Enformion to make sure your records are accurate every time you do so.

  • Maintaining your customer records is an important part of reaching out to the right people.
  • Instead of wasting time with old contact information, you want the newest and most accurate information possible.
  • If you’re planning to call broad swaths of customers in the next few weeks, you can use Enformion’s batch processing options to make sure all your information is accurate, and cross-check for additional profiling information.

Looking to the Past and the Future

Your customer base will always change over time. Whether you’re currently an extremely small nonprofit group or you’re a nationally-known nonprofit, you’re going to see differences in how your customers perform and where they come from over time. Enformion can help you see those changes and adapt to them more easily.

  • You don’t just need current information when you’re trying to understand your customer base.
  • It’s important that you get information about your customers in the past, so you can strategize and understand what your customer base may look like in the future.
  • Whether you’re looking to find contact information right now or you’re trying to get information about your consumers as people, Enformion has the tools you need to succeed.



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Corporations and Nonprofits FAQs

What kinds of corporations use Enformion?

All kinds, really. But we are especially well-versed in data for companies in industries like banking, law, and insurance.

Can Enformion data be used for employment screening?

Unfortunately, no. We are not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), and so we are unable to produce consumer reports as outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our data cannot be used for any screening to determine eligibility for employment, tenancy or credit.

How is the data Enformion provides corporations and nonprofits different from the public sector?

The data we provide to the public sector is virtually the same as that provided to private entities. The specific needs surrounding that data may be different, of course. So, we can scale and otherwise customize the types, amount, and delivery options of required data.

How can a company sign-up for Enformion’s services?

A company can apply for access to Enformion data and services using the Sign Up form. Or you also go through the process in person by talking to one of our Data Solutions Specialists.

Talk with a specialist today to learn how Enformion can help to customize a solution that’s right for you.

Call us at 1-855-281-3915, or via online today.