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Whenever you make a transaction with a customer, it’s important that you know who you’re working with. With Enformion, verifying the identity of customers is fast and easy.

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Make Customer Identification Work More Effectively with Enformion

As a business, it’s extremely important to know your customers. Not just so you can more easily cater to their needs, but also to make sure your customers aren’t taking advantage of your company. Customer identification programs are put in place to verify a customer’s true identity using reasonable and risk-based procedures.

That’s where customer identification tools come in, giving you the opportunity to keep your business safe while still offering your customers the best possible experience. Here are a few of the ways you can do both at once with Enformion’s customer identity tools.

Feeling Comfortable with Your Customers

Maintaining a comfortable relationship with your customers is essential if you plan to continually grow your business. You want your customers to be comfortable coming to you every time they want to purchase a product or service that you sell. When you know your customers are safe, you’re more likely to feel comfortable with those customers.

  • There’s an element of trust when it comes to making transactions, but it’s important that you have the information to back up that trust.
  • You’re going to feel less comfortable if you just have to take your customers’ word that they are who they say they are.
  • Enformion’s identity verification helps you verify a customer’s information from a trusted third party, making you less likely to fall victim to fraud.

Mitigating Fraud and Risk Early

Every time you make a transaction with customers, you’re taking on a certain level of risk. However, as a business, it’s your job to make sure you mitigate that risk as much as possible. If you use Enformion to help you perform your due diligence in identifying potentially risky customers, you can make sure you reduce your amount of risk and keep your business and customers safe.

  • Risk mitigation is an important part of making transactions, and you need to start it early in the process.
  • Determining risk can seem like a difficult task at first, but automation will make it easier for any corporation.
  • With Enformion’s risk alerts that help you automatically flag potentially risky behavior, you can respond to threats as soon as they appear.

Building a Positive Reputation With Customers and Vendors

Your reputation is everything as a business. With a positive reputation, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to get new vendor contracts and new customer purchases because you’ve proven yourself trustworthy. A great way to maintain that reputation is by using Enformion to ensure you’re always up-to-date on the most important security-based requirements in your industry.

  • When your company has a technological edge on other businesses, you demonstrate that the company is a leader in that industry.
  • Staying at the top of your industry ensures you don’t have to worry about enticing new customers, and they don’t have to worry about purchasing from you.
  • Whether you’re in finance, insurance or some other industry, Enformion helps you to stay one step ahead of potential threats in your business.

Avoiding Compliance Issues

Compliance is as much a legal issue as it is a social one. Different states and even cities have different legal requirements when it comes to compliance; not meeting those requirements can cause serious problems for your business. You need to use Enformion to meet compliance regulations intentionally, rather than just performing internal compliance and hoping it meets regulatory standards.

  • If you want to make an impact on your customers, you need to not only meet compliance requirements, but actually exceed them.
  • It’s important to maintain compliance to keep clients safe, and your business by extension.
  • Enformion allows you to use batch processing as a way to check all your clients at once and make sure you’re staying safe.

Creating a Booming Business With Top-Tier Information

Your business needs the best possible information if you’re going to build it into a national and international success. No matter what you’re doing, quality information should be an important part of that. Why would you waste time with low-quality information when you can use Enformion to get the high-quality information you need to boost your business?

  • A good way to expand your business is by knowing more about your customers and learning how to reach out to new ones.
  • High-quality information leads to making better choices for future growth.
  • Enformion offers a suite of tools that can help with customer identification and other all-important business requirements.



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