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Different parts of your business should have access to different things. An entry-level employee, for example, simply won’t need access to as much information as the CFO. If you grant more permissions to someone who doesn’t need them, you run the risk of internal fraud, which can lead to genuinely harmful repercussions.

When you run your identity management through Enformion, here’s how you know that everyone inside and outside your business stays safe at every level.

Keeping Your Business Safe from the Inside

The biggest reason you should always maintain strong identity management policies is because it keeps your business safe from its employees. Most of your employees don’t have bad intentions, and you certainly shouldn’t assume that about every employee. What you should do is use Enformion to make sure your policies protect you from anyone who might intentionally or unintentionally hurt the company.

  • An identity management system makes sure every person who accesses certain pieces of your business should actually be doing so.
  • Your identity management policies keep your business safe, which is why you need to keep them strong.
  • Before you give someone access to important documents they may need to use for their job, you should always use
    identity verification from Enformion to check their identity and maintain your business’s safety.


Making Sure Every Person Has What They Need

One of the most important pieces of identity management is making sure nobody has access to more than they need. It’s common for businesses without strong identity management policies to give employees access to much more than they need to do their jobs.

  • Giving too much information to the wrong people can cause serious problems if someone decides to use that information poorly.
  • You should make sure all your employees only have the permissions that they need to do their jobs properly.
  • Risk mitigation tools from Enformion can help you determine risk factors that may indicate you need to narrow an individual’s access.

Carefully Allowing Certain Individuals One-Time Privileges


Sometimes, you may find it works best for your organization to allow individuals access to specific pieces of the business for a limited period. That may be a consultant you’ve hired to advise you on best business practices, a stockholder who wants to know more about your internal workings, or another person that only needs access for a certain window of time. Considering the extent of such one-time privileges are made easier with Enformion.

  • In one-time access situations, it’s even more urgent that you maintain your identity management policies.
  • Offering access to people you don’t know very well can be dangerous, and you need to make sure you’re only opening your business to people who can truly help it.
  • Enformion can help you look up those people individually, giving you access to billions of public records covering nearly every American adult, so you can check their credentials.

Applying Your Policies Consistently Across Your Organization

Identity management isn’t about knowing just how to deal with individual situations as they come. It’s about creating a set of policies you can apply to every person who enters your organization, no matter where they work or what they’re doing for you. With strong identity management tools from Enformion, you don’t have to worry about any situation, because you’ll have policies to guide you.

  • Creating a set of policies that you can apply across your organization makes it easier to abide by these safety guidelines.
  • Identity management systems should be consistent, and you should maintain guidelines for every use case.
  • You can choose to use Enformion’s continuous monitoring on the most important employees in your business to stay out in front of any potential security concerns.

Automating Many of Your Systems for Better Profit Margins


Automation allows businesses to retain better profits. Every day, you use certain automated processes to enhance your business, like sending files over email rather than printing them out and transferring them in person. Enformion simply offers you more automation options, making it easier for you to accomplish even more in-depth tasks.

  • No matter what industry you’re in, your company probably needs to maintain identity verification and risk mitigation solutions.
  • It’s important that you have the right automated options, so that you can keep that automation safe.
  • Instead of requiring manual systems for your security system, you can count on Enformion to give you the tools you need to operate more autonomously and increase your profits.



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